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By Fast Kashmir on 25/04/2017. 2 Comments

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir says Kashmiri youth have taken freedom movement ahead, led by themselves

Islamabad, April 24: The Chairman of Ummat e Islami Jammu Kashmir and Mirwaiz South Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir, on Monday condemned the use of force against the protesting students in Srinagar and said that Kashmiris have been left with no choice but to come on roads as government is keen to crush every space of dissent.

He said that today’s protest by students in Srinagar was a spontaneous activity without being led by any leader or political group. “Student organizations had called for resuming classwork but these students still came out on roads against the brutal actions of the government forces. It should be an eyeopener that Kashmir is leading towards an intense civilian uprising which could also be a leaderless movement. It is high time for India to start a serious dialogue process and let Kashmiris have their basic right to self determination. Kashmir is at a point where no one can compromise, because youth of Kashmir are highly politically conscious about their future and they don’t want to live in status quo,” he said.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir condemned police actions against the students in Pulwama degree college and various other colleges of the Valley. He said that using same tactics of force and oppression against students also is not going to change their hearts or minds. “Youth of Kashmir form the majority section of the population and they have understood that wrongs are being done against them. It is likely that in coming years these youth will not listen to anyone, they can’t be controlled, and they will choose the Kashmir they want to live in.”


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