Taking shots in Health Department, influential Doctor manage his transfer amended within 3 months

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Taking shots in Health Department, influential Doctor manage his transfer amended within 3 months

Nadeem Nadu 

Jammu, March 31 (KPS):Director Health Services Jammu has been caught in the middle of tornado over the transfer of the influential Doctor who was transferred by none other than Commissioner Secretary Health just over three months.

Director Health Services Jammu Dr. Gurjeet Singh (CMO Rank/ Incharge Director Health) vide his order No. 272G of 2017 vide endorsement No. ES-3/4588-91 Dated 30-3-2017 had amended the transfer order of Dr. Zakir Hussain, Consultant Surgeon by retaining him in the same Hospital from where he was being transferred after three and a half years, as per details valid with Kashmir Press Service (KPS).
“In the interest of administration, Dr. Zakir Hussain under orders of transfer to Sub District Hospital Surankote is hereby posted in District Hospital Rajouri against available vacancy” as per order No. ES-3/4588-91 Dated 30-3-2017 issued by Director Health Services Jammu.
The influential Dr. Zakir Hussain was transferred by Commissioner Health M K Bhandari vide order No. 645-HME of 2016 with endorsement No. HD(Gaz)Gen-170-2014 Dated 23-12-2016 issued by Government through Additional Secretary to Government in which the said influential Doctor was transferred along with 148 other Doctors and his name featured at Serial No. 69 in the said transfer list.
The influential Doctor didn’t report to a new place of posting more than three months and finally managed the alteration of the said order that too from Director Health Services Jammu, who is much Junior to Commissioner Secretary Health.
The sources revealed that, “the influential Doctor used all its resources for alteration of transfer order which paid dividends to him after three months”.
 The influential get postings to their convenience and comfort and the voiceless suffer. “Health department is defying the transfer policy that was adopted in the interest of patient care and smooth functioning of health institutions especially those located in far-flung areas”.
Director Health as mentioned in above order has transferred him in the ‘interest of administration’ but how can this order be in interest of administration as this order is violation of Government norms.
Director Health said KPS, “I have modified this transfer order on direction of Health Minister”.
On contacting Health Minister KPS said, “Health Minister didn’t receive our call and we were not able to get his statement”. 
As per sources, “majority of Doctors in rural areas of the state are back posting themselves with the only aim to mint money from poor patients”.
District Hospital Rajouri was already having two consultant surgeons but Surankote is without Consultant Surgeon from past few months, Dr. Zakir Hussain was transferred from District Hospital Rajouri after three and a half years to Surankote but within 3 months he managed to come back using all his resources. Now District Hosital Rajouri is with three consultant surgeons and Surankote is left without any consultant surgeon. 
People of Surankote are facing great hardships as they don’t have any consultant surgeon there and in case of emergency they have to travel to Jammu.


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