Tall claims of probing case ‘merely a fraud’: Hurriyat (G)

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Tall claims of probing case ‘merely a fraud’: Hurriyat (G)

Tall claims of probing case ‘merely a fraud’: Hurriyat (G)
Demands impartial investigation in ‘target killing’

Srinagar, Apr 15 : Hurriyat (G) on Saturday condemned detention of five youth, point blank firing and making a youth as human shield and said that it is shocking that authorities without any delay initiated an enquiry against those accused for humiliation of CRPF personnel, however no action was taken against those involved in these coldhearted actions.
“Tall claims of probing the case is merely a fraud and we are sure that it is one more deceit,” said Hurriyat (G) in a statement issued to KNS.
“State police is very prompt and active and take offensive actions against innocent Kashmiri but feel helpless while dealing with Indian forces and fail to save life and dignity of common civilians,” said spokesman.
Hurriyat (G) demanded impartial investigation in ‘target killing’ and in ‘a humiliating episode of making a youth as shied by armed forces’, said that “these events though practiced by armed forces since last 27 years were neither investigated nor single personnel were brought to book.”
Strongly criticizing Indian media for its biased approach, Ayaz Akbar said that they don’t follow any standard and while assigning euphoria to case regarding with the army personnel, they maintained criminal silence about target killing and youth tied to army vehicle as a shield.
Referring to the statement of Rajnath Singh, spokesman said, “It is quite strange that he while reacting against the alleged humiliation of forces remained tightlipped about inhuman act of its forces personnel.”
“There is nothing offensive or annoying in said video clip, rather it illustrates our dignified approach and respect for human values,” said spokesman, adding that the video on the other is a live proof that youth are asking their fellow men to let these forces go unhurt.
Spokesman said that despite reading a forgiving message from said clip they are looking it through their specie prism. It is no more hidden and world community realizes that CRPF & other forces are involved in brutal killings and thousands were maimed by these forces.
“We are facing humiliation and as a slave nation there is no guarantee for life and dignity,” said spokesman. “Under well thought plan a genocide is being carried by these forces ,said he and despite all this, the state police and Delhi groomed henchmen don’t dare to speak out their conscience .Police officials and top brass are just serving their interests and working as tool for repression against their countrymen .Power and perks is the main aim for Pro- Indian politicians and they least care about common people,” said Ayaz Akbar.
Taking dig at Omer Abdullah, spokesman said, “His activities are confined to tweets and as soon he gets into power corridors, he will also go the same way as Mehbooba Mufti is doing and will leave no stone unturned to seek blessings from Rajnath.” (KNS)


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