Tourism will work only when there is peace: Hakim Yasin

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Tourism will work only when there is peace: Hakim Yasin
Urges PM Modi to work like a statesman

Srinagar, Apr 05: While reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent assertions during his visit to the State, Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin today said that tourism will work only when there is peace.
Modi has on Sunday said that Kashmir youths have two options: tourism and terrorism.
In a statement to KNS, Hakim Yasin said, “Kashmiris are not terrorists but want resolution of long pending dispute. The way Modiji spoke in Udhampur will only increase the people especially youth. History is witness that Kashmir is a dispute and needs a resolution. Kashmir dispute isn’t today’s issue but is alive since 1947. It is even in the United Nations.”
“Instead of threatening, ways and means have to be found to address Kashmir-issue. Tourism will work only when there is peace,” he said.
Stating that the dialogue was the only way forward to settle issues on both internal and external fronts, the PDF chief said, “Kashmir issue is the root cause of problem between India and Pakistan and without its solution the peace in south Asia will remain a distant dream. It is duty of the leadership of both the countries to take the Kashmiris into confidence and settle the issue according to their aspirations once for all.”
He said it is Kashmiris who is the worst sufferer because of hostilities between the two countries. “Violence is no answer to any issue. Non-seriousness of Indo-Pak to resolve the Kashmir is the main reason for the present mess Kashmir is in,” the MLA Khansahib added.
He urged the Prime Minister Modi to work like a statesman and take steps for the resolution of the Kashmir issue. “Modiji is a strong PM and has strong mandate. He only can solve Kashmir issue, if he is willing. History is witness that no issue in the world has been settled through wars. War only brings destruction. India and Pakistan have fought three wars and after every war, they had to come on the negotiation table. Confrontation and hostility between New Delhi and Islamabad have not yielded favourable results for either country in the past. I appeal leadership of both the countries to shun the violence and come on negotiation table for the settlement of vexed Kashmir issue,” the MLA Khansahib added. (KNS)


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