We have only two options, either to surrender or resist till victory: Geelani

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By Fast Kashmir on 03/04/2017. 2 Comments

‘Tunnels and roads can’t be substitute for freedom’

Srinagar, Apr 03 : New Delhi instead of accepting Kashmir as disputed territory, is hell-bent to suppress us with its military might, said Syed Ali Geelani. Don’t compare Kashmir with Gujrat or UP, asked Syed Ali Geelani, while commenting over the address of Indian prime Minister, Narinder Modi wherein he asked youth to either choose between terrorism and tourism.
Taking serious note of his assertions, Syed Ali Geelani said, that we have only two options, either to surrender or resist till victory.
We are facing worst type of Hindu terrorism and Delhi administration instead of acknowledging the disputed status, are gagging our voice, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Kashmir dispute is the oldest unresolved international conflict in the world today & they prefer to remain silent about this core issue while referring to Modi’s address during inaugural ceremony of tunnel at Nashri.
Syed Ali Geelani said that they are turning their blind eye to this issue and don’t even like to talk about the miseries and agonies the people are facing due to this unresolved issue.
Commenting over the Modi’s remarks about stone pelting, Syed Ali Geelani said that it is ridiculous to ignore the root cause of chaos in state and their indifference & discourteous approach towards Kashmir issue is highly absurd and shocking.
Referring to the terrorism remarks of Narinder Modi, Syed Ali Geelani said that they assign hype to stone pelting but didn’t even mention the basic reasons, giving rise to such situations. We will never give up our struggle till we achieve freedom from occupant forces and distorting facts won’t help nor it will change the basic concept of Kashmir issue, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Tunnels and roads can’t be substitute for freedom, nor development work, roads and tunnels can lure our youth as they are striving for a great cause, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Kashmir is quite different from Gujrat & UP and don’t take Kashmiri people for ride, said Geelani. A killer and a person with criminal record can get to power corridores in those states but Intimidations and harassment won’t deter us or break our resolve, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Ten lakh forces personal are inflicting brutalities, however it didn’t work as people and particularly youth are determined to carry ongoing struggle to its logical end, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Syed Ali Geelani criticized Indian politicians for their rhetoric and parroting about “Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat & Jamhoriat” & said that it has lost its sheen and it is nothing but jugglery of words, aimed at to mislead international community.
They have not even an iota of respect for humanity, said Syed Ali Geelani & strongly criticizing apathetic attitude of Indian rulers, said that even massacres and blinding our budding youth didn’t move them. They don’t respect the fundamental rights and are denying an opportunity to ascertain the people verdict about political destiny of state, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Syed Ali Geelani said that even “Kashmiriyat’’ is being misinterpreted by these politicians and said that in 1947 people pronounced their verdict about human kindness and politeness, however, these fanatical and bigoted people failed to learn any lesson from this, said Syed Ali Geelani. They fail to understand the real essence of “Insaniyat” and as such throttle and believe to slaughter each soul of Muslim community, added Syed Ali Geelani.
Terming the remarks of Narinder Modi, surprising wherein he has suggested to follow “Sufiism”, Syed Ali Geelani said that it is shameful for those whose hands are smeared with the blood of Muslims and it is unfitting for those responsible for killings in Kashmir.
Geelani said that it is surprising that Narinder Modi while delivering sermons about stone pelting didn’t make any mention about showering of bullets and pellets, maiming thousands, continuous killings and blinding hundreds in state.
The statement of Indian Prime Minister that ‘Kashmiris should choose between terrorism and tourism, Syed Ali Geelani said that it lacks reasoning and it is highly painful. People’s reaction is a resentment against the state terrorism. Resentment and resistance is our right, and every suppressed and oppressed nation has a right to resist with possible & available means, said Syed Ali Geelani. (KNS)


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