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What needs to be done!


Wake up Call on PM, HM for urgent intervention in J&K to save State from further death, destruction

New Delhi, April 27: Prof.Bhim Singh, a former Legislator in J&K & Founder of J&K National Panthers Party and a strong exponent of the cause of the people in J&K for its reorganization so that the citizens of India under the Constitution of India may find a chance to live in honour, dignity and with fundamental and human rights enshrined in the Constitution of India though, Constitution of India has not been implemented in the State of J&K which also acceded to the Union of India in 1947 but it has not been merged till date. Temporary provision, Article 370, which has been operating asWailing Wall for nearly 70 years.

The Panthers Party Supremo called on the entire nation to condemn the killing of Indian soldiers even this day (an officer and two soldiers were martyred this morning in the heart of Kupwara District in Kashmir).

Prof.Bhim Singh urged the Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh who is taking a meeting today to discuss, “What needs to be done” in J&K to save the lives of innocent people and as well as that of the Indian Army soldiers who have been fighting for the safety and security of the people of J&K since 1947. J&K was invaded from Pakistan side on 20th October, 1947 and the Indian Army reached Kashmir on 27th October, 1947 on the request of the then Maharaja Hari Singh who acceded J&K to the Union of India a day before.

Prof.Bhim Singh made a strong appeal to Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India and the Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh to act in the interest of the State of J&K and its people who had volunteered to join India when Pakistan invaded J&K in 1947. Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the Prime Minister of India and the Home Minister that the mission in Kashmir today is the safety, security and peace in J&K which cannot be done by the BJP government assisting the PDP in the governance of the State which failed in totality. He urged the BJP leadership in Delhi to keep in mind the national interest which is the prime interests and not the interest of BJP ministers or party in the boiling state of J&K where security of the Indian citizens as well as the Defence Forces stands threatened.

Prof.Bhim Singh in his message conveyed heartfelt condolences to the family of Army Officer and the soldiers who were martyred today in Kupwara District while defending the national interest in the Indian State of J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh called on the people of J&K, particularly youth and students to join hands for the safety and security of the citizens of India in J&K and also for the return of peace in the State which stands threatened because there is no governance in the State of J&K, because there is no leadership which can carry the people of the State under national flag and because there is no security to the general public and there is no governance in the State of J&K. The only way is Governor Rule without any delay.


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