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Says cow vigilantes repeating Dadri in Alwar Rajisthan proves where India is heading

Srinagar 06 April: AIP Supremo and MLA Langate, Er. Rasheed has said that granting bail to army Jawan flying with live hand grenades and brutal murder of Pahlu Khan in Rajisthan’s Alwar for allegedly transporting cows has yet again proved that there are two sets of laws in India, one for the majority community and another for the minority community. In a statement Er. Rasheed said “May the top police officials explain how could the accused army jawan carrying live grenades manage bail so easily, while teenagers are locked up even without FIR’s for their alleged involvement in stone pelting and their future is destroyed. It seems that police has intentionally not communicated and persuaded the court about the dangerous designs of the Jawan and the sensitivity of the mater, for the reason deeming everyone in uniform above the law”. Er. Rasheed added that repetition of Dadri in Alwar should clear all confusions to those, who still doubt the real intentions of Sang Parivar. He said “Alwar’s terrible and shameful incident of mob lynching is the 15th incident during last two years and all the facts and evidences reveal that there is no scope for Muslims in India and India is becoming not only a Hindu Rashtra but a lawless place for Muslims, where it is not courts or Investigating agencies, but the Hindu terrorists who are at liberty to kill Muslims”. Er. Rasheed said that the periodic incidents should act as an eye opener for  those few Muslim leaders and scholars who given sermons to Kashmiris asking them to be part of India, forgetting that they are themselves living like in a hell and have no right or reason to ask Kashmiris to believe in India. Er. Rasheed asked world community to introspect and revisit its habit of crying Islamic radicalisation and terrorism. He said world must honestly realise the threat of Hindu terrorism not only to Muslims but may become a real threat for the whole world in near future.


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