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​A Mother!!!!!

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Writes Ubairul Hameed

Met her in Tehsil Office Bandipore, she looked fragile, bruised hands, wrinkled face and moist eyes said it all. A women whose sons left home and never came back, they disappeared.
As she came closer, my feet started to shiver as if an Angel had passed by. I tried to talk to her, she didn’t stop near me, went inside to get her name enrolled for the new Adhaar cards. When She came out, She stopped, looked at me, I was wearing a Pakol. She might have disguised me for her son. I, with all my strength tried to talk to her, she sighed. In a tone full of disbelief she said “Wen ayes tang”. I kept talking, she talked about her sons, Parveena Baji and APDP. She started to open up as I knew about their struggle. I hardly remember the words I said but I do remember her words very well and then it was time for the goodbyes, she touched my face, her hands were real rough but they gave me a soft feel, a tear rolled down my face while her hands were stuck in my beard because her skin wasn’t letting it go and when she walked away I looked at her feet, so strong she stood on the ground, made me feel week.
Her struggle can’t be described in words, she’s a mother and there are many others like her, don’t they deserve a day? “A mothers day for the super mothers”, there really should be one.

Author is Persuing MSC IT from HNB Garwal central university Dehradun uttrakhand


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