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By Fast Kashmir on 31/05/2017. No Comments

Our separate constitution and separate flag ample proof that J&K is a dispute territory ……..Er. Rasheed

Srinagar, May 31: Asking New Delhi to explain if J&K is India’s integral part, why it is having its own flag and constitution, AIP has reiterated its stand that there is no substitute to Right to Self Determination. Addressing party core group meeting which was held in Srinagar today, party supremo MLA Langate Er. Rasheed reiterated that J&K by no means is India’s Integral part. He said “Not only that New Delhi has eroded the sanctity of UN resolutions and other international commitments, but shamelessly has eroded all the terms and conditions of temporary accession and has snatched the autonomy and the special status by diluting them it from time to time. The current Sang Parivar leadership seems keen bent to bury the remains of special status and is dragging every constitutional guarantee to Courts just to make J&K a part of its bigger Hindu Rashrtra. The BJP’s dreams of Uniform Civil Code, Ek Vidhan, Ek Pradhan and Ek Nishancan never ever be implemented in Jammu & Kashmir. Though Kashmiris are not making huge sacrifices for restoration of Autonomy, but right to self-determination, however until Kashmir dispute is not resolved permanently by implementing UN resolutions it is in the interest of Kashmiris and their movement that they should not allowing Delhi to snatch their special status, as it is this special status which acts as an ample proof that J&K is a dispute territory”. Er. Rasheed said that party has been celebrating the state flag day every year just to remind New Delhi that J&K is a separate identity and has its own flag which by no means is less significant than the tri-colour for Kashmiris. He added that party will celebrate the state flag day in Srinagar on 7th of June and appealed people from all walks of life to join the function so that New Delhi is told that Kashmir is not like any other state of India but a disputed territory.


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