Awarding army officer tantamount to justifying all human rights violations: JeI

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By Fast Kashmir on 24/05/2017. 2 Comments

Awarding army officer tantamount to justifying all human rights violations: JeI
‘World human rights bodies never taken any concrete step to save Kashmiri people’

Srinagar, May 24: Jammat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir (JeI) Wednesday said that awarding Major Gogoi who tied an innocent youth Farooq Ahmad to an army jeep as a human shield on the Indian parliamentary election day, tantamount to justifying all the human rights violations and sending a clear message to the Kashmiri people that they can be subjected to any violence without any apprehension of accountability for the Indian forces personnel committing such acts. This is also an open and free sanction to the Indian army to commit any atrocity against or violate any fundamental human rights of the people here without any fear of being reprimanded. This has opened an easy way for the Indian forces personnel to receive awards. Kill a Kashmiri and get the Army Chief’s commendation card with a special award. Furthermore, such personnel would be applauded by the ministers and bureaucrats in the administration and special ceremonies would be held in their honour.
According to a statement issued to KNS, Spokesperson JeI Adv. Zahid Ali said that this is the alarming situation the people in the valley have been trapped in since 1990 and thousands of innocent persons mainly youth have been subjected to the worst human rights violations but despite promising high level probes not a single soldier involved in the commission of the heinous offences have so far been indicted or given a convincing punishment.
A number of such personnel and officers got out of turn promotions and were praised as the national heroes. The world human rights bodies despite leveling serious allegations of rights violations against the Indian forces have never taken any concrete step to save the Kashmiri people from these state sponsored atrocities. All the world powers are playing the role of the mute spectators only for safeguarding their economic interests. Even the role of Organisation of Islamic countries is quite amazing as the rulers of these countries never supported the hapless Kashmiri people as expected from these guardians of the Muslim Ummah.
UNO and its allied bodies too ignored the masses in Kashmir and thereby violated their own charter which gives prime importance to the fundamental human rights. No one asked the Indian government to honour the right of SELF determination of the people but for safeguarding their economic interests and diplomatic ties with India always supported the Indian version.
Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expressing deep resentment against awarding an army officer despite his involvement in openly violating the fundamental human right of living with dignity of an innocent youth in Kashmir which, appeals the international human rights organisations to send an impartial fact finding high level commission to probe the grave violation of the fundamental human rights of the people here by the Indian forces and SOG of police and take appropriate action as warranted by the international Covenant of the Human Rights. (KNS)


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