BJP’s narrative on JK illustrates their negative approach: Geelani

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BJP’s narrative on JK illustrates their negative approach: Geelani
‘Their statements and narratives can’t impress us’

Srinagar, May 22: Kashmir is serious and a burning issue and its solution is not possible through rhetoric’s or provocative statements, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Reacting to the statement, of India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah & Nirmal Sigh, Syed Ali Geelani said that their narratives about Jammu & Kashmir illustrates their negative & egoistic approach.
Their statements and narratives can’t impress us, however to some extent they may influence their vote bank, said Geelani in a statement to KNS.
None among them talk sense & it is very sad, said Geelani, while referring to BJP leadership. They are creating war euphoria and no sensible politician will like to talk like this, added Geelani.
Geelani said that while in opposition, politicians have a choice to think and say like this, however a person or party running state affaires should avoid this type of egoism.
While addressing to Indian home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh, Syed Ali Geelani said that you may raise false hopes, however you can never ignore established facts about Kashmir issue.
Referring to history, Syed Ali Geelani said that Delhi based leaders and all former Prime Ministers were rhetoric about this illusion that Kashmir is an integral part of India, however it could not change the history or ground realities about status of Kashmir issue.
With each passing day, the situation turns from bad to worse and even Rajnath Singh is aware about this fact and situations prevailing in state, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Reminding Rajnath Singh about his last year’s statement, Syed Ali Geelani said that since then, situation has not changed in their favor, and despite putting their full military might, situations turned tense and appalling.
Commenting over the statement, wherein Rajnath Singh said, “that our government will find a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue,” Geelani said that despite utilizing all its resources and military might during last seventy years, the issue is there and there seems not an iota of change on ground.
These tactics and power options even failed to solve issue related to Russians verses Afghanistan and Britishers against India.
Commenting over the statement of Amit Shah, wherein he said that Kashmiris a problem of three and a half districts, Syed Ali Geelani said that if they are confident and sure about their claim, then it is best to ascertain people’s verdict and hold referendum in J&K to prove their claim. We will accept whatever the verdict people give, said Geelani.
Let you allow people to express their verdict and let world see what people’s aspirations are, asked Geelani.
Televised statements are no more acceptable and such sensitive issues are not decided in television studios, said Geelani.
Geelani strongly criticized Nirmal Singh for his misleading statement, wherein he has said that stone pelting incidents are being promoted through payments, Geelani said that these allegations are baseless and ridiculous and are from realities.
Challenging Nirmal Singh’s statement, Geelani said that he will be rewarded if he will come with substantial proof and evidence. Nobody will sacrifice his precious life or eyesight for such a meagre amount, said Geelani. It is a negative, false and misleading propaganda and said that neither Hurriyat Conference nor Pakistan has any role in stone pelting.
Stone is a weapon of resistance for suppressed nations all over world, said Geelani. Stone pelting is not a new trend in resistance movement and terming it as a tool in the hands of deprived people, Syed Ali Geelani said that stone pelting in Jammu and Kashmir has since long been used as a ‘tool of resistance’ against oppressors.
We are not afraid of threatening statements, nor we will budge, said Syed Ali Geelani & added that people will carry and follow freedom struggle and show resentment despite all odds.
We will never accept supremacy or hegemony of India & will oppose forcible occupation and pursue over genuine struggle till last solider leaves our state, said Geelani. (KNS)


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