Brute force ‘can’t break the resolve of people: Hashim Qureshi

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By Fast Kashmir on 01/05/2017. 1 Comment

‘India living in a fool’s paradise’

Srinagar, May 1: Expressing surprise over the policies pursued by state and central government vis-à-vis Kashmir, Chairman, Democratic Liberation Party Hashim Qureshi has said the ruling dispensations have been crushing the sentiments and rights of people through pellets, bullets, lathis and Pava shells.

“India despite claiming to be a democratic country has been trampling the democratic rights of the people in Kashmir. It has been applying brute force to quell the peaceful protests. The present coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir has unleashed terror among people as it wants to resolve every basic issue through force and suppression,” he said.

Hashim Qureshi said that it is in the interest of India to settle the Kashmir issue once for all. “Instead of beating about the bush, Government of India should address the basic problem which is Kashmir issue,” he said and added that Kashmir issue is a historical reality that could be resolved only through dialogue.

“From past 70 years, India and its stooges have been exploiting people in Kashmir and applying force to quell their outbursts. Even students are not being spared. Instead of addressing their problems, brute force is applied on them and it has been sending a negative signal,” he said and added that in this age of science and technology, gag on internet has pushed Valley back to stone-age.

“If New Delhi and State Government thinks, oppression and suppression can break the resolve of the people of Kashmir, then they are living in a fool’s paradise,” Hashim Qureshi said and suggested government to exercise restraint and stop harassing people particularly student community.

In wake of labour day, Hashim Qureshi paid tribute to the labourers who sacrificed their lives in Chicago against the menace of capitalism. He also expressed sympathies with the bereaved family who lost their kin in Khanyar grenade attack.  CNS


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