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Centre supporting every wrong initiative of PDP BJP Coalition: Congress

PDP creates a history of suppression, betrayal G.A. Mir


SRINAGAR  MAY 14: Stating that Agenda of Alliance between PDP BJP in which withdrawal of AFSPA, return of power projects, talks with all Stake Holders including Hurriyat stands exposed before the people, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir has said that PDP by virtue of it’s dual standards created a history of betrayals and backstabbing, as that people will always remember the PDP for playing with their emotions of people for the sake of power.

Addressing a largely attended public gathering at Khurhama Lolab in District Kupwara today, G.A. Mir reminded the people of promises like revocation of AFSPA, withdrawal of Troops, return of power projects etc,  made to them by PDP, which has not been fulfilled as yet, rather the alliance partner (BJP) has refuted the so called Agenda of Alliance in toto  by saying No to talks with Separatists indicating the contradiction in the approach of PDP BJP,  while as the PDP has secured votes on these sensitive issues, but so far, not even a single promise  was fulfilled, as a result people in the entire valley are deeply hurt.

Expressing concern over the rise in militancy related incidents, Mir described the situation as very serious and blamed both Centre and State for the situation saying that Centre lacks Kashmir policy and it has not roadmap to address the issues or deal with situatioin. He said it is ultimately the people, who continue to suffer due to the unfavourable situation arising from time to time in the valley, but the irony is that despite the boiling no sincere efforts were made to restore peace and normalcy in valley.

He said people have realized that this Party PDP, which once used to shoulder the coffin of militants is now  using all methods to suppress even  the genuine voice being raised  against wrong policies being adopted by both State and Centre, even the Centre is fully supporting every wrong initiative of State Govt led by PDP to create an impression that all is well in the valley, but  the entire world  is observing that since the PDP BJP took over reins of power, the situation has turned from bad to worse, besides causing huge losses to both life and property.

He said the successive U turns by PDP on various occasions, for the sake of remaining power is responsible for the deep hurt feeling among the common masses, even the people in Jammu are feeling isolated due to wrong policies adopted by BJP, as a result, the development of the people as was expected from the ruling dispensation has come to a standstill as there is sign of improvement on ground. The promises made with the people by BJP  during 2014 elections has also proved a blatant lie, as a result, the people in Jammu also  have  realized that they have been misled on so called development slogan by BJP. He urged upon the people to rise to the occasion   and seek explanation from the BJP for betraying them.

Mir while expressing serious concern over the deteriorating situation in the valley asserted that had there been sincere efforts put in place by the Centre and State Govt, the situation would have improved in the valley, but the aggressive approach adopted by Centre Govt has added more confusion to the already extremely volatile situation in the valley, as a result the situation is out of gear and remains worrisome. He said what happened to Late. Mufti’s vision, what happened to promises made by PDP to people, he questioned.

Mir said PDP is responsible for the present prevailing circumstances as it has utterly failed to come up to the expectations of the people in every respect, resulting in deep hurt feeling among the heart and minds of people, even the people have lost faith in the electoral process after the  this party (PDP) managed first repolling of 38 Elections booths in Budgam that too after seven killings,  then  the  cancellation of Anantnag By Elections in order to save the lost credibility, but everyone in the State and Country knows that PDP was losing both the seats, he also lashed at Centre for supporting every wrong initiative of PDP for personal benefit.

Addressing the gathering Congress Legislators and Vice Presidents Haji Abdul Rashid Dar and Gulam Nabi Monga told the people that they should not come under false propaganda of PDP, as this party is in habit of making tall claims and promises, but everyone in the State has realized that this Party which came into existence on different type of slogans has failed to deliver on every count, as a result,  their deep alienation among the people which is not a good sign.

They said Congress Party will support every right initiative benefitting people, but at the same time, the Party will never make any compromise on the urges and aspiration of the people.

PCC Spokesperson Farooq Andrabi General Secretaries Shoiab Nabi Lone, S.S. Channi, DCC President Haji Farooq Mir also addressed the gathering and urged upon the people to defeat the designs of fascist and communal forces hell bent upon to divide this Secular State(J&K) on communal lines, as the fascist forces are being encouraged in the Country and State to vitiate the atmosphere of friendship and amity to serve the vested interests. (PTK)


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