Chowdary Fayaz Karnahi Condemns Threatening Remarks by Warden on Zahid Chowdary

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Chowdary Fayaz Karnahi Condemns Threatening Remarks by Warden on Zahid Chowdary

Nasir Khuehami

Srinagar, May 01: Prominent Gujar Leader Ch Fayaz Karnahi on sunday strongly Condemns the threatening remarks of Warden on Renowned Gujjar Leader zahid Parwaz Chowdary and demanded action against him.

It is pertinent mention that  Warden Gujjar Bakerwal PG Hostel Jammu, threatened Zahid Parwaz Choudhary over his Statement on deteriorated condition of PG Hostel during his surprise visit where he found lot of Rubbish heap in Hostel building and expressed his resentment over the Hostel condition and issued a Press statement which causing a severe criticism on social media.

The students residing in the PG hostels complained Zahid Parwaz Choudhary that they have to regularly deal with poor quality of food, ill-maintained buildings and lack of basic amenities after this he issued statement with attached photographs of deteriorate condition of Hostel.

In response Warden while threatening to Zahid Choudhary said that he will be ‘beheaded’ why he ‘dared’ to do so? which is very unfortunate if an activist is being threatened to highlight over the deteriorated condition of Hostel how we can expect that every thing is functioning well in Hostel Said Ch Fayaz Karnahi, District President of International Human rights and Anti Corruption Forum today while condemning the threatening remarks of Warden over phone to Zahid Parwaz Choudhary.

If a Warden is openly saying with a dictatorial attitude that you will be beheaded and higher authorities Board is not taking any action against corrupt Warden who is performing his duty as Warden for last 15 years in Hostels how much it is disgusting and shame full said Karnahi.

The Warden also accused an activist over phone which is intolerable even on the one side the Condition of the Hostel is not well and on the other hand an activist is being threatened in order to raise the voice against brutality and barbarity he said it is very much unfortunate and intolerable act.

You will be beheaded and you dont know who i am its reveals the bullying act of Warden that how much he has been authorised by higher authorities he can do every thing what he Wants in the Hostel its the matter of great concern and it should be taken up seriously.

He even threatened for mass agitation against the authorities if the action is not to be initiated against Warden.


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