Congress blames Govt for worrisome situation in valley

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Congress blames Govt for worrisome situation in valley

‘PDP’s Agenda of Alliance a blatant lie’

Srinagar, May 08: On the opening of Darbar Move in Srinagar today, J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) held a peaceful sit in Dharna against the anti-people and wrong policies of the ruling dispensation of PDP BJP. The Party also peacefully protested against use of force and interference in the Institutions, as a result, the situation has deteriorated to a largest extent.
The Party also described the ruling dispensation as anti-people, responsible for the innocent killings and injuries to scores of people including students and common people due to excessive use of force on peaceful protestors agitating against the brutalities and ant- people policies of the PDP BJP ruling dispensation.
The Sit in Dharna was led by Pradesh Congress Committee President G.A. Mir in which MLAs, MLCs, Officers Bearers, Senior Leaders, District Presidents and frontal organization heads participated and lodged a strong protest against the PDP BJP govt, which has proved very costly to the people of entire J&K State in every respect, resulting in deep hurt feeling among the common masses.
On this occasion, State Congress President G.A. Mir lashed out at ruling dispensation for the current worrisome situation and described the PDP BJP as a great threat to integrity and secular fabric of the State. The situation is more dangerous than it was in 1990 for which both State and Centre Govts are responsible, the entire valley is seething in anger, as there is deep hurt feeling among the masses, but one fails to understand that despite the losses to both life and property, Mehboob Mufti Led Govt is not concerned about the safety and security of the people.

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Mentioning that the people in entire valley are in deep alienation due to the wrong policies adopted by the Govt, G.A.Mir said the excessive use of force on protestors, besides loss of lives remains the cause behind deep alienation and discontent among the people and this is unfortunate that State Govt is absolutely unable to address the concerns of the people, rather the genuine voice raised is being suppressed inorder to hide failure on the part of PDP BJP Govt.
Referring to the recently cancelled Anantnag By Elections, G.A. Mir said the ruling dispensation even doesn’t allow the democratic institutions to function in a transparent manner inorder to avert the defeat inevitable to it., as a result the By Polls to Antnanag were cancelled, which is a murder of democracy. It was for the first time in the history of J&K that Elections were cancelled to save the dented image of particular party (PDP), who was losing both Lok Sabha seats, it has also damaged the credibility of Election of Commission.
People are aghast over the way they are being treated by the Govt, the problem are rising, unemployment has risen considerably, besides there is a great resentment against the policies of the Govt among the people, but despite that, the Govt is in deep slumber, even single effort was not made to address the concerns of the people by PDP, which has secured votes on certain sensitive issues, G.A. Mir said.
Mir said that despite the failures of the State Govt on all fronts, the Centre is supporting every wrong initiative being under taken by the Govt, rather it is the Centre Govt which is ruling the State through remote control and is dictating terms to State Govt.
Stating that that the situation in valley is more dangerous than it was in 1990, besides the failure of both State and Centre to contain the situation has made it more complex, G.A. Mir said the interference in Educational Institutions and use of force on agitating Students is also responsible for extremely volatile situation in the Valley. He said the Students were beaten to pulp in Institutions, the irony is that Govt could not even control the situation from going out of control.
He castigated the Govt for punishing people under the garb of maintaining Law & Order, although Congress Party feels highly concerned about the present prevailed circumstances and wants’ that peace and normalcy must be restored, but at the same time, the Party will not compromise over the safety and security of the common innocent people and it will continue to highlight the brutalities and use of Force on the people agitating against brutalities. He added that Congress Party’s concern is peace and development of the State and it will continue to work for restoration of peace and normalcy and will never allow anyone to vitiate environment of peace.
He also said that people have realized that AoA, revocation of AFSPA, talks with all Stake holders including Hurriyat Conference and other issues which the PDP has promised to address have proved a blatant lie, even the Centre has rejected holding talks with Hurriyat Conference, which has sent a very wrong signal among the people, who voted for PDP, as they feel betrayed and backstabbed.
Those who were present on this occasion included MLA Gulam Nabi Monga, MLA Haji Ab.Rashid Dar, MLA Mohd Amin Bhat, MLC Mohd Muffar Parray, MLA Usman Majeed, Vice President Mohd Anwar Bhat, Spokesperson Farooq Andrabi MLA, General Secretaries Surinder Singh Channi, Shoiab Nabi Lone, Hilal Ahmad Shah, Secretaries Abid Kashmiri, Irfan Naqib, Nissar Ahmad Khan, District Presidents Ab. Gani Khan, Zahid Hussain Jan, Haji Farooq Mir. Aftb Ahmad Beigh, Ab.Qayoom Shah, G. M. Mir, Imtiyaz Ahmad Parray, Senior Leader G. N. Mir Lasjan, Ab. Hamid Wani, Mushtaq Ahmad Khanday, Dr. Syed Ahmad, Mohd Yousuf Bhat, Fayaz Ahmad Dar, Maroof Ahmad Wan, Adv.Mohd Yaseen, Mushtaq Ahmad Bazaz, Amir Rasool, Kadfin Ch, Shameema Raina, Jasbir Kaur, Jawahira Bano, Yaqoob Vakil, Aijaz Ahmad Shiekh, Dr. Fayaz , Rovais Ahmad Mir, Block Presidents and other senior leaders. (KNS)


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