DeM pays tribute to LeT commander, civilians martyred in Mirbazar

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DeM pays tribute to LeT commander, civilians martyred in Mirbazar
‘Kashmiri women’s resistance against illegal occupation is worth praise in all forms’

Srinagar, May 07 : Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Sunday paid glowing tributes to the Lashkar-e-Tioba commander, Fayaz Ahmad Aishwer and the one civilian who were martyred in Mirbazar area of Islamabad district on Saturday.
In a statement issued to KNS, the DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, said that the sacrifices of Kashmiris won’t go waste and one day Kashmir will be free of Indian occupation.
She also strongly condemned the pellet injuries to one minor in Qazigund area and use of brute forces against the students in Sopore, Handwara and Pulwama. “The occupying forces have unleashed a reign of terror and unlimited brutalities against innocent school or college-going children in Kashmir,” she said.
Commenting on the present Kashmir situation, Nasreen said that it has become a routine in here that on daily basis, people in Kashmir receive pellets, bullets and get injured and also are being martyred. “The main reason for this unfortunate situation is the brutal and illegal occupation and the also that the people’s resistance movement against the illegal occupation is gaining momentum with every passing day,” she said.
She said that while this movement against the brute Indian occupation is getting strengthened, India too is increasing its brutalities and oppression against the innocent Kashmiri civilians. “India is strongly feeling that its time in Kashmir is almost over, that is the reason that we see so much aggression and brutalities being perpetrated against the innocent civilians,” she added.
Nasreen further hailed the role and resistance displayed by both male and female students across Kashmir. “Our boys and girls are unitedly fighting the illegal Indian occupation and are doing a commendable job together,” she said.
Nasreen said that Islamic history is full of examples where Muslim women have played an exemplary role by standing up against the oppression. “It was a woman who stood up against Firaon (Paroah) and got martyred I.e Aasiyeh A.S the first martyr in the Ummah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) was a woman sumayah R.A exemplary roles were played by numerous Sahabiyat in battle fields in the modern history, Zainab Al Gazali Dr Aafiyah sideequee and many more are exemplary role models . These great women continued their resistance against oppression and oppressors in their own time. They too remained a part of Jihad in their own capacity,” she said.
“Alhamdullilah, nowadays, the women in Kashmir too are playing their part in the resistance against India and are doing it in accordance with the Shariah,” she said.
She said that woman in Kashmir are in the path Allah (SWT) and, like men, are performing Jihad against the brutal India. “Some do it with words, some participate in protests and some pelt stones on the oppressors. Alhamdullilah, the women in Kashmir are pursuing the resistance movement against the oppressor in complete sync with the teachings of Islam,” she added.
She further urged the female students of Kashmir to remain extra-vigilant in present times in Kashmir. “We must not be callous as we are not safe even within our homes from the Indian armed occupational monsters. We have incidents like Asiya and Neelofar and numerous others where we are reminded of the fact that these brutal forces can go to any extent to break our resolve,” she said.
“Our woman leader, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, who we refer to as iron lady, was recently arrested for her stand against India. Despite her stature, these occupying forces dared to barge inside her home in the middle of night. So we cannot say that our honour will be safe inside our homes as long as this occupation remains,” she said.
She said that in this regard, as DeM has already stated, Kashmiri women should always carry along traditional weapons. “So whenever any woman, Allah SWT forbid, happens to be in such a situation where there is a threat to her honour, she will use these weapons to safeguard herself from the armed Indian beasts,” she added.
She said that presently Kashmiris are witnessing scenes when these occupying forces barge even inside the women colleges. “So I, once again, urge the women of Kashmir to follow Islamic dress code strictly and safeguard their honour and chastity at any cast. It is very important because the honour of a woman is important than her life,” she added. (KNS)


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