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Kashmiris never expect anything good and sensible from India —Er Rasheed

Srinagar, May 23: While reacting to rewarding major Leetu Gogoi for using Farooq Dar as human shield AIP supremo and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has appealed world community to understand that how new Delhi has made its undeclared war against Kashmiris public and, instead of punishment, is honouring those involved in human rights violations.

Speaking at a round table conference at Srinagar, which was attended by politicians, civil society members, journalists and other dignitaries, Er Rasheed said that these conferences yield nothing except strengthening the status quo on Kashmir issue. Taking a dig, at Mani Shanker Aiyer, Kapil Kak,O P Shah and other organisers of the conference, Er Rasheed said “do all Indians including you not know what Kashmiris want and what Kashmir issue is about?. Discussing problem is meaningless as everyone is aware that J&K is not an integral part of India. Kashmiris have lost faith in the institution of dialogue that is why New Delhi is squeezing the political space of not only separatists but even of mainstream politicians”. He said that it is because of this situation that the militant commanders are not ready to trust even the pro resistance leadership.

Er Rasheed in his hard hitting speech defended the voices calling Kashmir a religious dispute and said that while India is on one hand fast becoming a Hindu Rashtra and on the other hand is bulldozing the rights of Kashmiris only for the reason that they are Muslims why Kashmiri’s should not claim the Kashmir dispute to be religious.

Er Rasheed added that Kashmiri’s will never beg for talks and a day will come when New Delhi will come bare footed for talks as it cannot run away from the realities always. With a reference to major Leetul Gogoi, Er Rasheed further said “ awarding a criminal minded army officer is the biggest shame on India’s face and it has further shaken faith of Kashmiri’s in Indian system and the way army as an institution has owned the shameless act of army major , it has dented India’s image in all international forums.” He said that the world community must conclude that all the allegations, of heinous crimes, which human rights organisations and other political and social forces have been levelling against the Indian forces since 1990 carry weight and there is something beyond the India’s defence that these allegations are an act to defame army.


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