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By Fast Kashmir on 31/05/2017. 1 Comment

Geelani rejects bilateral talks
‘There will be no talks till India accepts JK as a disputed territory’

Srinagar, May 31: Hurriyat (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Wednesday out rightly rejected bilateral talks and said that there will be no talks till India accepts Jammu and Kashmir as a disputed territory. We’ll never beg for talks, said Geelani and added that authorities in Delhi are irrational, following fanatical dogma, lack political understanding and are not in position to resolve the issue.
In a statement issued to KNS, Geelani while reacting to statement of Venkia Naido and other BJP leaders, said the issue has remained unresolved since the past seven decades and added that Kashmir is a human issue and people are pursuing their right to self-determination.
Geelani while ridiculing authorities in Delhi for their unrealistic and arrogant attitude, said that New Delhi and its puppet administration have waged a war against the people of state. They are looking the issue through the prism of their fanatical ideology and as a conflict between Hindu and Muslim communities, added Geelani.
Strongly condemning these fanatical authorities, Geelani said that they derive joy while butchering Muslim communities and under well thought out plane and under the garb of ‘’law and order situations’’ feel free to carry genocide in disputed state of Jammu & Kashmir.
We will never talk with those pursuing their fanatical ideology and we will never surrender, said Geelani.
Their statements are ridiculous, said Geelani and while referring to Venkia Naido, Geelani added that we never begged or asked to hold talks, as such their denial carry no sense and it is just a mockery, added he.
Their sole aim is to turn India into’’ Hindu Rashtra” as such carried state sponsored and planned massacres in Assam, Gujrat and Muzafar Nagar, said Geelani and how it is possible to talk with assassins of Muslim communities, added Geelani while referring to Jan Sangh leadership.
Geelani said that we are passing through a crucial period and our lives, dignity, properties, faith, uniqueness and everything is at stake, while referring to these fanatical forces and their aggressive and rigid attitude.
Do or die position has evolved, said Geelani and added that these forces won’t allow us to live free unless we follow their faith and change our outlook as per their dictates.
Syed Ali Geelani expressed hope and said that we are sure that our nation will maintain supreme self-esteem, exhibit constancy and uprightness and will never budge in front of such dogmatic elements.
Geelani said that it is needed for every soul to resist forced occupation and more over it is more obligatory to resent oppression tooth and nail as of now we are facing these fanatical elements or it may prove detrimental and very risky for our faith.
Geelani while commenting over the role played by pro-Indian parties in state including National Conference and PDP, said that it is trial for these as either they have to submit their wish and will to Kashi or prostrate before Almighty Allah, repent for their wrong doings and join people in their fight against dogmatic ideology of Jan Sangh cadre.
Syed Ali Geelani while commenting over the role played by pro-Indian parties in state, said that there is no justification for them to remain in power corridores as their lust and greed for power has brought great shame for them. (KNS)


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