Hindus and Sikhs safe in Kashmir: Harkatul Mujhadeen

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By Fast Kashmir on 15/05/2017. 4 Comments

Hindus and Sikhs safe in Kashmir: Harkatul Mujhadeen




Srinagar, May 15: Militant outfit Harkatul Mujhadeen Monday clarified that it has no intention to enrol militant commander Zakir Musa in its group. “We don’t enrol those people who resort to indiscipline and flout the rules of an organization. Being the constituent of Untied Jehad Council, we whole-heartedly support Hizbul Mujhadeen. We had supported Zakir Musa as individual but had only seconded him for his remarks on Islamic Rule,” spokesperson Harkatul Mujhadeen Hasan Askari told news agency CNS over phone.

He said Hizbul Mujhadeen has our full cooperation and all the militant groups are united for the same Cause. “We want to make it clear that militants don’t discriminate on the basis of religion. Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs are our brother and they will always be safe in Kashmir. Our targets are only those who aid and assist India in crushing this freedom struggle,” Askari said.

Blaming the ‘oppressive’ policies of India responsible for student protests in Kashmir, spokesperson said that students prefer freedom from over their careers. “These students have seen much blood-shed and oppression. We salute their valour,” he said. (CNS)


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