Hold referendum in J&K to prove ‘three and a half districts’ remark: Shah asks Amit Shah

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Hold referendum in J&K to prove ‘three and a half districts’ remark: Shah asks Amit Shah
‘Report on global investors regarding India investment an eye-opener for New Delhi’

Srinagar, May 22: Terming the statement of BJP president Amit Shah that the freedom movement “was not widespread but centered around just three and a half districts” in Jammu Kashmir, the incarcerated chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shahon Monday said giving such “misled” statements won’t help New Delhi in any way.
Shah in a statement issued to press suggested BJP president to relearn the history and geography before making such “ridiculous” remarks about Kashmir.
“Such statements are deliberately issued in order to mislead the masses about the reality of Kashmir. Amit Shah’s vain attempt has no takers in today’s era of technology where every person is aware of the happenings worldwide,” Shah said.
“If Amit Shah is so sure of his claims on Jammu Kashmir, let him seek the opinion of the people of this disputed territory (through referendum) whether they want to be with India or freedom from Indian occupation.”
Shah said New Delhi and its collaborators are continuing with their vain attempts of terming Kashmir’s freedom movement as “5 percent” or “restricted to few districts” in order to mislead the people of India and the world community.
He said people’s boycott of recently held so-called parliamentary elections is an eye-opener for the whole world that Jammu Kashmir is not part of India but its people are on streets to demand ‘Azadi’ from Indian illegal rule. “The boycott also brought home the point that not even one percent people are in favour of India,” he said.
The DFP chairman asked New Delhi why it is scared of holding the referendum in the disputed territory under the auspices of the international body. “We reiterate our stand that whatever the verdict people give, that would be acceptable for us. It would also be clear whether the freedom movement is really centered around three and a half districts,” he said.
Shah reiterated that the people of Jammu Kashmir have no enmity with the people of India but “it is against the international norms that a state which is against the forcible military occupation of India be forced to sing to the tunes of Delhi on gunpoint”.
On Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s speech that NDA government will resolve Kashmir, Shabir Ahmad Shah said the resolution about which the Indian leader talks is a “military solution” – the one which the people of J&K have never accepted. “Rajnath Singh should bear in mind that the solution to Kashmir dispute is possible only either through tripartite talks or by implementing the UN resolutions.”
Shabir Ahmad Shah also termed it eye-opener for India the media report that “a number of large foreign funds, managing trillions of dollars of investor assets globally, have flagged ‘persisting religious conflicts’ and ‘Kashmir dispute’ as potential risks to their investments in India, saying such ‘tensions’ could destabilise the Indian economy”.
“The Indian leaders should give a thorough thought to such report whether they want to bereave their people from economic projects and benefits or lead them to dark pit. The people of India should also ask their leaders in this regard. New Delhi should think over the matter with cool mind that by resolving Kashmir in its historical context, it can do a great service to India and its people,” Shah said. (KNS)


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