Honor the Indian army officer: ‘It was an act of severe crime against humanity’. Mirwaiz

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By Fast Kashmir on 23/05/2017. No Comments

Srinagar, May 23: APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said the decision to commend and honor the Indian army officer  for forcibly Tying a Kashmir civilian to his jeep ,to use him as a human shield and  parading him through villages for hours ,with no regard  for him as a human being ,shows that Indian Government as well as its institutions that operate here, have internalized the occupational mindset toward the people of Kashmir, who they  see and treat as their serfs and hence have no compunctions in endorsing rather commending  and justifying such abhor-able inhuman behavior. Mirwaiz said that today such fascist mindset is increasingly on display in India especially in dealing with the people of Kashmir and minorities in the name of nationalism. And the jingoistic Indian media is fanning its flames.
He said when arrogance of power and might corrupts the distinction between right and wrong, human and in human, is lost and all becomes “fair in war” especially in a grossly unequal war between combatants and unarmed civilians who are at their mercy.
Mirwaiz said such decisions also expose the much flaunted democratic credentials of Indian state globally. And reassure us about the justness and fairness of our struggle against an oppressor by standing up to his oppression and indignity for asserting our basic right to realize our will and aspirations as granted to humans being world over.


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