Human shield incidents on rise in Kashmir: Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir

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Human shield incidents on rise in Kashmir: Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir

Defies Police Restrictions, Leads Pro Freedom demonstration at Turkwangam Shopian. Pays glowing tributes to Moulvi, Farooq, Gani Lone and Hawal martyrs

Islamabad: 19 May/2017

             Mirwaiz South Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir today defying the police restrictions reached the Turkwangam area of Shopian where the forced had laid cordon and search operation on the 4th day of may this year. Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir was welcomed with pro Freedom slogans to the area.

            Mirwaiz Yasir addressed a mammoth gathering at the jamia masjid of the area. In his address the young Mirwaiz who is also the chairman of Ummat e Islami made a shocking revelation about yet another incident of “Human Shield” which happened on 6th May in Redwani area of Kulgam. Mirwaiz Yasir said that the incident did not get any coverage in the media. He also accused the international human rights watch dogs of turning a deaf ear towards Kashmir as the incidents of human shield are on escalation throughout Kashmir. “During the recent Shopian siege, a driver was used as a human shield, and it was not the first incident of its type, drivers over the years have been forcibly dragged to Anti militancy operations” he said. Mirwaiz Yasir hailed the resilience of Shopian people and said the region has played a significant role in Kashmir Freedom struggle in general and 2016 in particular. He denounced the barbarism of paramilitary troopers on civilians in the name of “Cordon and Search Operations”

            Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that the local Government has failed miserably on all fronts and leveled barbarism against its own people to safeguard and be in power. He accused the state government of crossing all levels of barbarism. “Their role has shrinked from being the representatives of people to merely being the representatives of RSS in Jammu Kashmir” Mirwaiz Yasir said. Mirwaiz Yasir said that from shopkeepers to students the Indian state has declared war against every Kashmiri. “The policy of ‘iron fist’ will yield nothing but justify the alternate and violent forms of resistance against the forcible occupation” Mirwaiz Yasir said.

             Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that the rural areas have a greater role to play in the freedom struggle helping us grow economically and achieve self sufficiency in the agricultural product. Mirwaiz Yasir asked the people from villages to refrain from selling their agricultural lands.

            Mirwaiz Yasir later led a massive pro Freedom demonstration where in Paying rich tributes to the Martyrs of 19 May, Moulvi Farooq, Abdul Ghani Lone, he said “these people are the symbols of our Freedom movement and they did not hesitate to even sacrifice their lives for our pious movement. The names of these martyrs, Hawal Martyrs and other Kashmiri martyrs shall be written in golden letters. Mirwaiz Yasir said there is a duty upon us all to carry the mission Kashmiri martyrs to its logical end.

            Hailing the resilience of Shakeel Bakshi, the ISL patron, he said, “People like Bakshi are treasures for a nation, his commitment towards the cause is unparallel and more than appreciable”. He demanded his release and the release of Sarjan Barkati, Sajjad Hashmi, Ghulam Qadir butt, Mehmood Topiwal, Shafi Shariyati, Qasim Faktoo, Mohammed Ashraf Peer, Masrat Alam, Mushtaq ul Islam, Fayaz Talaq and other Kashmiri prisoners languishing in jails.


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