India’s policy of stubbornness main reason for prevailing uncertainty in region: Shah

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India’s policy of stubbornness main reason for prevailing uncertainty in region: Shah
‘New Delhi cannot change reality through military might, other deceitful tactics’

Srinagar, May 15: Stressing on dialogue for the resolution of Kashmir dispute, the incarcerated chairman of Democratic Freedom Party Shabir Ahmad Shah on Monday said New Delhi has to agree to come on table and start a new beginning.
In a statement issued to KNS, Shah said India’s policy of stubbornness and coercion is main reason for prevailing uncertainty in the subcontinent which is not only jeopardising lives of people of India but also pushing world to the brink of war.
He said Kashmir is a world acknowledged dispute and New Delhi cannot change the reality through military might and other deceitful tactics. “New Delhi should accept the reality that it couldn’t change reality of Kashmir for the last 70 years. The well wishers of the nation are those who prioritise the interests of its people rather than be concerned of retaining the chair of power,” he said.
Shah said the world nations and bodies have acknowledged Kashmir as a dispute and have been favouring dialogue for its resolution but India’s unwillingness and stubbornness has not only robbed Kashmiris of their birth right of self determination but has been carrying out worst kind of human rights violations here which has given rise to a war like situation in the region.
“We’ve no enmity with the people of India but Indian leaders by resorting to Himalayan lie (on Kashmir) are inviting trouble for the whole region. God forbid, if war breaks, it will engulf the entire subcontinent. So, the ball lies in India’s court now, he said.
Terming the stand of the people of Jammu Kashmir as right, Shah said despite limitless oppression on them, they have remained steadfast in their demand of right to self determination.
Shabir Ahmad Shah reiterated his appeal to world nations including European Union, China, UK, Russia, and bodies particularly the United Nations to take steps towards the resolution of this longstanding dispute at the earliest and prevent the region from war as Kashmir is the bone of contention between two nuclear neighbouring nations – India and Pakistan for the last 70 years.
“The tripartite dialogue or the implementation of the U.N. resolutions are inevitable for the resolution of Kashmir dispute and India cannot continue with its policy of running away from talks for long but has to come on dialogue table,” Shah said. (KNS)


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