ISIS, Al-Qaida have nothing to do with our movement: Resistance leadership

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ISIS, Al-Qaida have nothing to do with our movement: Resistance leadership

‘Agencies are desperate to malign movement’

Srinagar, May 08: Declaring ongoing freedom struggle as indigenous, resistance leadership said that terrorism and freedom movement are poles apart. 
Monday, pro-freedom leadership disclosed that Indian agencies are desperate to malign movement and under well thought plan are drawing their policies to bring bad name to ongoing freedom struggle in Kashmir. Pro-freedom leader while divulging the fraudulence about their mischievous activities, disclosed that Indian agencies under the garb of some world level organizations are planning their roguish activities to influence international community.
In a joint statement to KNS, Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik, said that Delhi authorities are frustrated & has launched well-planned psychological war against freedom movement. Last year’s peoples uprising unnerved them & as such they are very desperate to overcome their frustration and desperate to sabotage movement through its agencies.
After miserably and humiliatingly failing to curb and contain the people’s movement by all the military might, Indian government is frustrated to the extent that they have framed new tactics to change the discourse of ongoing freedom struggle, said resistance leadership.
The policy makers in Delhi are trying their hard to create chaos, confusion & malign ongoing movement, said they.
Distancing from ISIS, Al-Qaida and other organization, resistance leaders made it clear that our movement has nothing to do with these world level groups and practically they are nonexistent in state. There is no role for these groups with our movement, said resistance leadership and while referring to renegades like Ikhwan, said that agencies are now applying quite different approach. They have decided to go for mysterious killings, burglary, loot, plunder & vandalism, under the garb of these groups to defame ongoing freedom movement & to influence international viewpoint, said leadership
Hailing people for their affiliation and attachment with movement and brave hearts, the resistance leaders said that authorities couldn’t break this emotional bond and consequently Delhi feels unnerved.
Authorities in Delhi have now started to play a vicious game under the garb and label of “holy war”. It is a ploy to create a wedge between people and brave hearts, said they. Quoting reliable sources, leadership disclosed that agencies are hiring some sick minded and Ikhwan type goons and they have been assigned the task for creating chaos in state.
Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik in a unanimous voice said that it is premature to say about the future discourse of political destiny of state, however added that it is the majority that will decide the political discourse of state. One point program to make an end of this slavery and forced occupation is our motive, said leadership and let people decide their political destiny through right to self-determination.
Warning people about the deceitful game of Indian authorities, leadership insisted that nation should follow every program with persistence and wisdom and vowed that they won’t allow anybody to create chaos and uncertainty in state.
Appealing pro-freedom quarters and armed faction, resistance leadership asked to isolate all those elements, deliberately or unknowingly creating confusions among freedom ranks. 
Meanwhile, Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik while ridiculing the statement of Dr Rajendra Singh wherein he has recommended free hand for forces, said that it testifies our claim that authorities have virtually handed over state to its army and forces enjoy impunity to kill whosoever comes in their way. They said that Indian forces are neither accountable for their wrongdoings nor brought to book. Referring to statement of Rajendra Singh, the leadership, said that it is apparent threat and there are apprehensions that it will escalate violence and consequently killing graph will go up.
Police is adding fuel to fire, while condemning the use of excessive force against students, said resistance leadership & added that during detention they are unnecessarily being harassed.
Demanding immediate release of all detained students, the resistance leadership said that deployment of forces and police personnel in educational institutions is the basic reason of disturbance, thus creating hurdles in smooth functioning of educational institutions. (KNS)


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