It is ridiculous to award officer for insensitive human shield incident: Geelani

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It is ridiculous to award officer for insensitive human shield incident: Geelani

SRINAGAR | MAY 23 :Syed Ali Geelani while reacting against the honoring of Indian Army’s Major Nitin Gogoi for using a Kashmiri youth as a shield by tying him to the bonnet of a jeep, said that it is extremely distressing and a shameful act.
Honoring such an officer clearly vindicates our claim that this is state sponsored policy and if not stopped it will prove   detrimental for human lives.
“We are looking for ICJ to intervene likewise that of Kul Bhoshan Yadav case”, said Syed Ali Geelani and in his appeal sought its cognizance and impressed to take Suo Moto action and punish erring forces officer.
It is ridiculous to award said officer for the insensitive human shield incident. It is not an exemplary act, said Geelani while ridiculing Indian politicians for showering their favors on erring officer and their misinterpretation of gruesome incident.
How he saved human lives, asked Geelani and said that the youth was arrested in Beerwa when situation was quite peaceful and normal.
You are lying, said Geelani, while refuting the authority’s statement. It is a fabricated story and lame excuse to save erring official, Geelani added.
“Authorities version is not acceptable”, Geelani said and added that it was an act of severe crime against humanity. “His intentions were not sincere, he just tried to harass people in the area and it was a deliberate attempt to drag people to polling booths”, said Geelani.
Lashing out at Indian media, Geelani said that they are biased and not trustworthy. They assigned hype to playful stories of stone pelting and it has been proved time and again that they telecast fictitious and sensation creating stories to justify such inhuman and brutal acts.
Since last 27 years we are witness to the fact that these incidents often happen in a sequence and there seems no letup, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Forces are involved in serious crimes like custodial killings, burying them in unmarked graves and making humans as shield, said Geelani.  More than one thousand forces camps amid civilian population are a source of nuisance and thus civilian population feel insecure, said Geelani.
The life, dignity and honor is at stake, said Geelani as state is the highly-militarized zone. Geelani said that if International Court of justice can intervene in Kul Bhoshan case and as such there are sound ground and valid proof for human shield incident for ICJ to deliver justice.
Syed Ali Geelani while commenting over the intervention of international forums said that they need to take cognizance and without any discrimination deliver justice to uphold the sanctity and dignity of human values. (PTK)


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