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JeI condemns use of force against students
Appeals world bodies to send their teams to observe sufferings of common people

Srinagar, May 09: Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir (JeI) on Tuesday said that the use of force upon students of Women’s college Srinagar and other institutions in and outside the city by the police and other Indian forces when they were peacefully protesting against the state atrocities and unjustified apprehension of their fellow students is very shameful and an organised attempt to disturb the smooth educational atmosphere and create a terror like situation in the valley.
In a statement issued to KNS, Spokesperson JeI Adv. Zahid Ali said had the unruly Indian forces not entered the college premises in Pulwama and thereafter started a spree of mass arrest of the students and subjected them to custodial violence, the situation would have been quite different? It seems that under a sinister design the people here are being terrorised in order to avenge their non-participation in the recently held so called elections which embarrassed the Indian establishment along with their local supporters.
He said the common people gave a clear message to the world community what they really want but instead of accepting the ground realities, the people at the helm of affairs in New Delhi have started to harass and intimidate the people for causing this embarrassment to them at the local as well as international level. The state sponsored tyranny and repression against the people will definitely have a reaction from the victims and if the Indian establishment sincerely wants to see a peaceful and congenial situation in the entire South Asian region, then it is imperative for it to put a stop to its imperialistic policies and indiscriminate use of state force against the civilians in the valley and listen to the genuine demand of the people which is more obvious than the shining Sun.
Jamaat Islami Jammu and Kashmir (JeI) while vehemently condemning the atrocious role of the Indian forces against the youth and the student community asks the local administration and the police to stop this brutality and release all the students and youth unconditionally so as to make the situation conducive for carrying on the educational activities in all the institutions.
Jamaat also appeals the world bodies to send their teams to observe the sufferings of the common people here caused due to state aggression against them. (KNS)


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