Karela Govt. can hold beef festival but Mehbooba can’t even discuss lifting ban on beef in Assembly. Er. Rasheed

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By Fast Kashmir on 28/05/2017. 1 Comment


Asks police to reveal the identity of two elderly men killed in Uri.


Srinagar: 28, May: Welcoming the beef festival organized in Karela by various organizations to protest against centre’s ban on sale of cattle for slaughtering, AIP Supremo and MLA Langat Er. Rasheed has asked state Govt. why should it waster further time in revoking the draconian law of ban on eating beef in J&K. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “While in many states in Indian where Muslims are in huge minority, there exists no ban on beef nor could ever Sang Parivar dare to impose ban on beef in states like Karela and north east. There can be no bigger shame than the fact that in a huge Muslim dominated state of J&K not only that there is a ban on eating beef but an assembly having two third members belonging to Muslim community cannot even discuss the revoking the ban on beef. How the bill seeking revoking ban on beef was thrown to dust bin and not even allowed for a discussion is ample proof to conclude that what people can dare to do in Karela and elsewhere, Kashmiris cannot even dream that, as New Delhi treats J&K as its colony and the majority community as its enemy. It Is strange that a Muslim minority state like Karela can hold beef festival and a Muslim dominated state of Jammu & Kashmir cannot discuss the issue even in assembly”. Er. Rasheed asked Mehbooba Mufti to take queue from the ruling Govt. in Karela which defied Modi Govt’s orders violating fundamental rights of citizens, or she must confess that nothing is in her hands and she will compromise the religious rights of majority community in J&K to continue enjoying power.

Meanwhile Er Rasheed has asked police administration to reveal the identity of two unknown persons killed, in Uri area, by the forces and claiming them to be militants. He said that not only the killed were much elderly aged persons but burying them in the darkness of the night has given rise to some vital questions which need to be answered.



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