Kashmiriyat, ISIS raked to discredit the freedom movement: Hurriyat (M)

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By Fast Kashmir on 16/05/2017. No Comments

‘Pitiable to see the local collaborators parroting their masters’

Srinagar, May 15: Hurriyat Conference (M) spokesman said that the comments of Ms Mufti asking people to make a choice between so called Kashmiriyat and ISIS both of which have no bearing on what is happening on ground here and are unrelated to the people’s struggle for right of self determination is a new method adopted by our deceitful subjugators for undermining the reality of Kashmir and distorting the facts in order to discredit the freedom movement and confuse people and the world regarding it. Mr. Modi also recently talked of some such disjoint and absurd choice for the people of Kashmir between “Tourism and Terrorism”, and ms mufti following her savior’s footsteps carries it to another level of preposterousness. These people better understand that people of Kashmir no longer fall for such senseless arguments and are mature enough to understand what they are aimed at.
In a statement issued to KNS, Spokesman said that it is pitiable to see the local collaborators parroting their masters and having reduced themselves to minions to an arrogant organization to share the spoils of power.
Commenting on the “clean chit” given to army officer and praised for his “acumen” in the shameful and inhuman incident of tying up a civilian to an army Bonnet Hurriyat (M) Spokesman said that the result of the so called inquiry comes as no surprise to the people of Kashmir and as it was well along the expected lines from the oppressors.
The severe state repression and use of extreme force which finds no parallel in today’s world and to which people of Kashmir are subjected to on a daily basis clearly indicates that the government wants to continue to play role of a ruthless occupier to the hilt with the intention to crush the people’s political movement and break their spirit. But the people of Kashmir want to convey to the rulers to once again check in history and see for themselves that has any nation in the world on the strength of its military might and repression been able to subjugate another nation against their will, forever. Let the rulers in Delhi be in no doubt that the people of Kashmir know that their struggle is long drawn, that they are up against a mighty oppressor that calls itself the “worlds largest democracy”. What gives people the strength and the resilience to stand up against all forms of repression is their firm belief in the justness of their aspirations and the faith in the fairness of their struggle. Ultimately truth and justice always prevail. (KNS)


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