Let pays tribute to Sabzar and his associate

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Let pays tribute to Sabzar and his associate


Srinagar, May 27: Chief Lashkar Taiba Mehmood Shah said  while paying tribute to the Militant Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen Sabzaar Ahmed, and Faizan: Martyrdoms of People and Freedom Fighters against Illegal Indian occupation are fIrmly Committed. Today, The entire Kashmiri Nation is in the Battlefield for its Right of Freedom. Young and Old, Elder and Small, Boys and Girls are struggling for Freedom from India. This is an examplary Coalition due to which India have been out of mind. It is routine to be damaged Buildings, tourchering and killing the innocent people in the name of Search Operation.  The international community remains silent. UN is deprived from implementing its own Resolutions. Due to all these Brutalities, Youngsters are to be forced to raise Weapons.. At this time, Power is in the hand of Narendra Modi who is a black spot on the name of Humanity, he observed Divalis by Killing Innocents Muslims. By showing spirit of Unity, we are to adopt the way of our Militants because it is the way of Honour and Freedom. Can get rid of Slavery by adopting this way. By expressing sympathy with the Militant  Families and victims of Indian Firing He said We are with them in this Grief Situation.We pray for the speedy recovery of the injured.(CNS)


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