Mirwaiz Umar Farooq today convened a APHC meeting

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By Fast Kashmir on 03/05/2017. 1 Comment

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq today convened a APHC meeting
Srinagar, May 03: APHC Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq today convened a meeting of the executive council of APHC at the party headquarters. The meeting was chaired by Mirwaiz after being released from prolonged period of house arrest and was attended by the executive members including Professor Abdul Gani Bhat, Musadiq Adil, Masroor Abbas Ansari, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza, and APHC political advisor Abdul Majid Banday.
The meeting discussed and expressed serious concern over the the current deteriorating political situation in Kashmir which was worsening by the day, due to repressive policies adopted by the the state to muzzle the voice of people through bans and gags and crush their political aspirations by use of excessive force, killings torturing arresting beating and harassing people in general and targeting of the youth in particular. The meeting strongly condemned such tyrannical practices adopted by the state to punish the masses for striving to achieve their basic human right to decide their destiny a right granted to all nations world over. The participants also strongly denounced the use of force against protesting students across the valley, injuring many among them. The participants said that students being a part of the society cannot be immune to their repressive surroundings and have been forced to hit the roads as all Channels of expression have been blocked for the people of Kashmir including the students by the phobic state.
The Participants said that it is time that those in power understand and accept that military build-up and subsequent extreme repression will not be able to repress or strangulate the people’s voice demanding the right to self determination .The participants said that reason and maturity demand that Govt of India accept the reality on ground and  listen to the demand of the people who have been living in a state of uncertainty for the past seven decades awaiting the final resolution to the dispute and work towards it ,instead of firing bullets on unarmed Kashmiris.  Negative and intransigent attitude of government of India will not help  the matters instead it will endanger the whole region further.


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