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By Fast Kashmir on 10/05/2017. 1 Comment

Ban Indian Channels whom you accuse of adding fuel to the fire ……….Er. Rasheed to Mehbooba Mufti

Srinagar 10 May: Reacting to BJP’s demand to abandon the practice of bi-annual Durbar Move AIP Supremo and MLA Langate, Er. Rasheed has said that it would be in the interest of entire state for more than enough reasons, if Srinagar is restored as the permanent capital of the state. While interacting to people of various sections in Srinagar today Er. Rasheed said “There is no reason to disagree to the fact that Durbar Move has yield nothing except adding to the miseries of common masses in the entire state and becoming entertainment and tour like tradition for the elite class including politician and bureaucrats. It is purely an administrative issue and if delinked from politics can become a move to provide some better governance to the people of state. However all the political parties and various other organisations need to have a sincere, time bound, broad based and result oriented consultation across the state before taking a final call over the issue”. Er. Rasheed asked CM Mehbooba Mufti that if J&K is India’s crown why is she advocating for talks with Huriyat day in and day out. Er. Rasheed said that Mehbooba Mufti’s claim that Kashmir is crown of India, has exposed her hypocrisy and duplicity. He said “Should Mehbooba Mufti explain what Huriyat has to talk to New Delhi or what has New Delhi to offer to Huriyat if J&K is India’s integral part. She needs to be reminded that J&K had never been India’s crown or integral part but is an internationally recognised disputed territory and her claiming J&K to be India’s crown is just endorsing New Delhi’s arrogant view point. Though New Delhi has claimed it to be crown but has given constant huge jerks and disgraced the so called crown ruthlessly under its colonial feet”. Er. Rasheed also asked Mehbooba Mufti that if she truly believes some Indian TV channels are adding fuel to the fire why doesn’t she impose ban on them in Kashmir. He said “If at the directives of junior officers of home ministry she could ban thirty four channels on false allegations and for the reason they were being run by Muslims and preaching Islam, why couldn’t she dare to ban those channels whom she is accusing of promoting hatred and violence”.


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