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Sahitya Akademi organises symposium
‘Mir Sanaullah Kreeri was voice of Kashmir’s helplessness in tough times’

Srinagar, May 15: Mir Sanaullah Kreeri, a distinguished Naatiya poet of 19th century had emerged as a powerful voice of people’s helplessness which was depicted through his poetry, speakers said Sunday at a symposium organised at his home town Kreeri.
Organised by Sahitya Akademi Delhi in collaboration with Kruhen Cultural Forum Kreeri, the symposium was attended by a galaxy of writers, poets, scholars and students. Sahitya Akademi convener Prof Zaman Azurdah presided over the function while as well known educationist Prof Syed Rafiuddin Bukhari was also in the presidium. Mir Sanaullah Bukhari Kreeri’s famous Naat “Ha Wave Watakh Na Totae” which is has been part of morning prayers in Kashmir for and 150 years was the centre of discussion.
Speaking on the occasion Secretary Cultural Academy Dr Aziz Hajini said that through this particular Naat he has reflected the helplessness of people who were going through the grind of poverty, political subjugation and much. “He was the true representative of the people’s problems” he said. Prof Shad Ramzan said that Mir Sanaullah’s this particular Naat was in fact the protest he registered against the tyrannical rule. “This is something significant to rise against a dictatorship” he said. Saduddin Saidi, Fayaz Tilgami, Naadim Bukhari and Sarwar Hashmi also read out papers on different aspects of the life and work of the poet whose writings in Kashmiri, Persian and Arabic are still recited and read.
Introducing the symposium president Adbee Markaz Kamraz (AMK) Dr Shujaat Bukhari said that Mir Sanaullah was born during the reign of Gulab Singh and died when Ranbir Singh was ruling the state in 1876 AD. “Mir Sanaullah popularly known as Sana Sahib chose his mother tongue to reflect the inner feeling at the time Persian was official language” he said adding that his contribution has been immense. Bukhari recalled how Kreeri has been a centre of knowledge for centuries as number literary giants have been produced here.
Prof Azurdah paid tributes to the poet and said “we need to do more to known such personalities and understand the message they wanted to convey through their writings”. AMK general secretary Mohammad Amin Bhat conducted the proceedings.
Later on a “Naatiya Musharia” was conducted by Cultural Academy in which more than 20 poets recited their works. Fayaz Tilgami presided over the Mushaira. Kruhen Cultural Forum president Syed Nazir Hussain Hussain thanked the Sahitya Akademi and Cultural Academy for organising the programme. (KNS)


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