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“Why government is in a hurry to talk about UCC, Tripple talaq when there are several other more important burning issues”


CHATROO, MAY 09: – Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Vice President and MLA Inderwal, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori asked present government not to interfere in the matter of triple talaq, uniform civil codes and concentrate on only those issues for which the present governments got mandate from the people.


“Triple talaq is a matter of Muslim community, leave it to them, they will decide,” Saroori said while addressing 7th annual function day of Madrasa at Chatroo. He said that the BJP and the RSS wanted to create a divide in the society by spreading hatred between Hindu and Muslim on the issue of Uniform civil code (UCC). “They (BJP and RSS) want to make members of Muslim community fight with each other on the issue of triple talaq. Similarly, they want members of Hindu and Muslim communities fight with each other on the matter of UCC. People are unsafe and insecure in states and at the Centre, he added.


Saroori said that present government is playing divisive politics in the country for its vested interests to generate vote bank. The communal party has been creating wedge between the Hindus and Muslims, who are living in communal harmony and brotherhood in the country for the centuries. He said Governments would come and go but such politics or exploiting religious sentiments of  the people of  both the communities for the political gains, will badly damaged the age old traditions of harmony and co-existence of  all the communities in this great secular nation. He warned the BJP leadership to desist from issuing loud slogans which damage the social fabric and cause damage to our unique secular identity.


He said the agenda of some communal party of brining uniform civil code in the country would create havoc. India is a land of different religious and ethnic communities with varied laws for matters like marriage, divorce, inheritance and adoption. A Uniform Civil Code would engulf all these personal laws into one secular law, applicable to each citizen regardless of their community or religious ideology. He said that with such a code, the government was gerrymandering with personal laws. “India is a diverse country where people follow their own personal laws, which have been evolved through tradition and customs, going back thousands and thousands of years. So therefore if the government tries to gerrymander with the personal laws of communities and people as to how they are supposed to get married, how they are supposed to be cremated, buried after their demise, how they are supposed to conduct their social lives, it is going to create an absolute havoc in the country,” said Saroori.


Saroori said “I don’t understand why government is in a hurry to talk about Uniform Civil Code, Tripple talaq issues when there are several other more important burning issues the government is confronted with, you know price rise, corruption, providing basic essential things to common masses and many other issues which need the highest priority,” said Saroori.


On the occasion Mufti Aijaz Ahmed, Shabir Ahmed, Shokat Ahmed and other Ulmaey Karaam also delivered a talk on the importance of the Madaris and Ulamas. Moulana said, “it is only because of the Madaris the faith of the Muslims of the Indian sub continent are more stronger than compared to the people of Middle east because they have neglected the Madaris. They have also narrated few Quranic versus. They particularly to the youths said follow the Sunnah in each and every aspect of their life and said some peoples wanted that Muslims should be divided amongst themselves. They said that such divisions are not endorsed by Islam and Islam believes in fostering unity amongst its followers. They urged all the Ummah to be united and fight against those who wanted to harm our religion Islam. They also highlighted the importance of Parents, giving or taking interest money and other things.


Madrasa students in their speech’s also highlighted the social evils like dowry and told to the audience to eliminate such evils at the earliest. On the occasion, six student from Kawth, Singpora, Sigdi, Kuchal, Chatroo have completed the Hifiz of Quran Shareef were appreciated and Dastarbandi was done to him by the guests and Muftis. Madrasa children have also presented various Deeni program on the occasion. The program was concluded on the dua of Imam Jamia Masjid Chatroo.


Mr. Saroori also visited Sehpura, Kalamsoey, Kenthan, Wanipura, Mattoo Mohalla, Passerkote, Kohlipura, Maliknar, Changam, Chingam, Pahalgam, Bonda areas of sub-division Chatroo to personally condoles the recent deaths in the areas.


Earlier Mr. Saroori has inspected the construction of alternative road link bypassing the Kukigad landslide hit area on Kishtwar-Batote stretch of Jammu-Kishtwar National Highway under his Constituency Development Funds (CDF). Around 1 km is completed for the vehicle to which the cavalcade of Mr. Saroori also drove the car on the said half completed link road.


Meanwhile, Mr. Saroori has also laid the foundation stone of construction of 100 bedded girl’s hostel at Chatroo at a cost of Rs. 2.50 crores under RAMSA. He stressed upon the executing agency to ensure time bound completion of proposed work.


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