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By Fast Kashmir on 20/05/2017. No Comments

Who is right & who is wrong?

‘India Today’ must answer

New Delhi, May 20:  ‘India Today’ Channel must satisfy all those who believe in Fundamental Rights including Right of Expression, Speech & Movement. What happened the other day in Kashmir (Srinagar) when a camera team of ‘India Today’ forcibly entered the house of Yasin Malik, noted angry leader in Kashmir associated with Hurriyat Conference.

Have the people in Kashmir any right to privacy as enjoyed all Indian citizens?

Can a media team or a press reporter or a TV cameraman enter the house of any individual uninvited?

Can even a policeman enter a private house of a citizen of India anywhere in the country including Kashmir without any entry permit/permission of the landlord/house owner or warrants of a court?

Has a person no privacy or self respect to rest in his own house or bedroom without being disturbed by an unwanted outsider?

A camera team claiming to be ‘India Today’ and in fact ‘India Today’ owned the responsibility and the patronization of the team forcibly entered the house of a local Kashmiri Leader, Yasin Malik, without seeking appointment. Could it be justified?

Was that a personal right of a camera/press team to enter anybody’s house at any time with cameras in hand claiming to be assisting so-called NIA?

No person with sense of freedom and dignity could justify this action of a camera team of ‘India Today’ which forcibly entered into the house of Mr. Yasin Malik. ‘India Today’ with all its might sought to convey what ‘India Today’ felt was in their mind denouncing an Indian citizen without any sanction of law. Was it moral or illegal?

Was it in accordance with the rule of law which the Indian Penal Code follows? Who is right and who is wrong? Let ‘India Today’ answer!

Was it fair on the part of ‘India Today’ to denounce an angry Kashmiri leader using all kind of slang and abuses telling the whole world that Kashmir is difficult and ‘Kashmiries’ are not with India. Was it not insult to the entire people of J&K and abuse of the Fundamental Rights which are also available to the people of J&K.


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