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Why Kashmiri Students Prefer Sai Institute

Nasir Khuehami

Srinagar May,  6: Sai institute of Paramedical and Allied Sciences (SIPAS) was Established 13 years back. Sai college is a co-educational institution of Arts, Science and Business Administration.
Sai institute is over whelming Rich with Qualified Faculty, excellent infracture, well equipped and furnished workshops, labs, library and computer labs. The staff Fraternity of Sai institute is completely dedicated to the causes of learning and acts as a Torch bearer to the Students.

Dehradun is considered as an educational hub with More than 8000 students  from Kashmir valley are currently Persuing their Respective Courses. The main reason behind it as per students which are currently studying here in Dehradun from Kashmir valley preffering dehradun for education is its favourable climatic conditions, hospitality of the people and a generally low rate of crime with absence of religious, racial or regional descrimination.     

In Dehradun, Kashmiri Students are not uncomfortable. The city shelters them with respect and that is key to good numbers of Kashmiris, here. Even the first timers least worry about their accommodation. Boys prefer living in rented accommodations for it gives them a sense of “greater freedom”. “The girls use hostel facilities as it provides security to them,”.

Among them Most of Kashmiri Students prefer Sai institute for Persuing their Respective Courses, because of Quality education. Aadil Rashid A kashmiri student pursuing Bsc. MLT who is also Tabliqi Jamaat Member said that I am presuing bsc MLT from this college, he said I feel proud to be student of this institution. My friend who is also presuing Bsc MLT from the same college suggests me to take admission in this college, I am extremely Grateful to my friend who suggests me this college for this Reputed course. Adil said I also want to thank chairman Rani Mam and other managing body of this college who put their efforts in our admission. He said that Sim cards has been provided to us by college administration, so we are not facing any inconvenience to contact with our family members. A number of indoor games like table tennis, chess  are also available here. Students’ meetings and activities can also be held here he recalls.

Another student from South Kashmir’s kulgam area Mudasir Rather who is presuing Masters in Journalism from this Institute commented that college environment is suitable for us and now i am feeling proud that i am the student of this college and I believe that my future will be bright. He said I visited several colleges of Dehradn but I think this college is better than other, as far education or atmposphere is concerned. I think after completing my course from this institute, I believe I can get easily job everywhere, We are getting Quality Education from here, he further added. He said College management have also provided us Wi-, Fi facility; library has a good collection of various books.

Another Student Asif bashir hailing from watapora area of  bandipora District of Nothern Kashmir who is presuing Bsc MLT said my friend suggests me to take admission in this college as he is got a Govt job in Health Department after three months of Completing his Degree. I take admission in bsc MLT because Lab Technician have very much scope in kashmir valley. He further said that College have versatile library ad every book of my course is available there. As far as labortary is concerned every costly  instrument is available try there as we don’t face any problem. This college has a well-organized library with easy book search and reading facility. The college has an excellent hostel and sports facility.

Another student From North kashmir’s bandipora Area Naseerul Haq who is presuing Journalism narrates his story, said that institution is better for Communication studies. He said after completing degree from this reputed college, I believe I will be achieve my goals. Moreover i got full scholarship from this college via Eye care Foundation which is Reputed NGO of India, and i had not paid a single penny towards college. College have also abadant our transportation as well as hostel fee. The infrastructure of the college is very developed. The campus surroundings are quiet and healthy which is helpful for studies, he said.

Meanwhile CEO of the Sai institute Mr. Ranvir Malik while talking with this Correspondent said Our Institute offers a variety of courses and opportunities; while sharing his details with this Correspondent he said that the College ensures the existence and maintenance of an environment conducive to study and learning by providing foreign Countries students with facilities such as library with study area, training area for retail operations and  lab. He further added that the college’s library and computer centre are open to students at convenient hours to enable them to pursue their individual interests. The college staff is so much efficient and helpfull who satisfy the students’ needs and requirements by providing lecture rooms, computer lab, library, conference and seminar room, (for special sessions, presentations, screenings and guest-lectures), staff room, practice area for front office/ retail office training, training restaurant and kitchen and a cafeteria along with the appropriate sanitary facilities for the students as well as staff

When this correspondent Contacted with Chairman of the sai institute Mrs. Rani Arora she said that, A large fully air-conditioned space where all the  classes are held and where students can discuss about lectures delivered by teachers during opening hours. The College Library is ran by a professional Librarian and equipped with an adequate variety of books, journals, magazines and reading material which is helpful to the students’ education. Particular attention is given to current bibliography and periodicals on the College Programmes in order to meet the educational needs of the students. Sufficient publications on each specialised area of learning support all registered Programmes of the College in their educational as well as their research requirements. Library lends books to registered students only. PCs installed in the Library area are connected with the Internet and provide online connection with other world Libraries. She added that the College provides a Study Room, both for students and teaching staff, which is separate from the library and where one can concentrate and study or quietly pass the time with a newspaper or magazine. The room can also be used for tutoring, counseling or assignment workshops.
Conference Room. A large room situated on the Ground floor of the building can host conferences, seminars and guest lectures, as well as serve as a reception hall accommodated with projection and presentation facilities.
The College has set aside a place for the members of the Teaching Staff, where they can work, meet, discuss. The room is equipped with a conference table, Pcs and a wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi) for Laptop users.


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