Worms and larvae found in tap water in Sonawari

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Worms and larvae found in tap water in Sonawari

PHE Deptt in slumber: 

Sonawari, May 22: Public Health Engineering Department Sumbal has been supplying filthy water to entire Sonawari block. Dozens of people in villages like Nahidikah, Pushwari, Gunjageer have fallen sick after consuming the dirty water.

      Reports said that people after collecting water from taps find worms and larvae. “This is horrific. You can see how worms are moving in the filthy water. Several people have fallen sick and are admitted in the hospital,” a group of people from Naidkhai told CNS. 

    The locals said that PHE officials have been giving no heed to their repeated requests. “it seems the department is in deep slumber, caring a fig for the people,” the locals said adding that the main filtration plant has been defunct and they get unfiltered water from past 3 years. 

     When contacted an official from PHE Sub-Division Sumbal declined to comment on the issue. (CNS)



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