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By Fast Kashmir on 13/06/2017. 19 Comments

AMK resents fresh guidelines for DD Kashir

Srinagar, Jun 13: Adbee Markaz Kamraz Jammu and Kashmir has expressed serious concern over the fresh guidelines issued in respect of commissioning of programmes for DD Kashir. It has called for immediate withdrawal of the same since the guidelines are defeating the very purpose of word “Kashir”.

In a statement to KNS, an AMK spokesman said that the managers of the channels have woken from the deep slumber after over a decade and decided to re-commission the programmes.
“While we welcome the move to infuse life to a dead channel such as DD Kashir at the same time the guidelines set for the same are full of surprise and shock” the spokesman said.
The new guidelines, he said are discriminatory in nature against the Kashmiri, the language spoken by majority of people in the state.
“In the previous arrangement the highest percentage of programmes was proportionate to Kashmiri speaking population but it has been done with and replaced by Hindustani. Moreover the script is also to be submitted in Hindustani which is not only a joke but smacks of a bigger conspiracy against the language and the culture of the state”.
The spokesman said that aim and the objective of the channel launched in 2001 was to promote the local language and culture and any infringement against the basic idea of the channel would defeat that purpose.
“It not only will give severe blow to the language but the way guidelines have been framed no local talent will be in a position to qualify to submit the proposals” he said adding that prima facie it looks that the present dispensation in Delhi has tailored the guidelines purposely to extend benefits to big media houses outside Kashmir in the name of Kashir channel and at the cost of hundreds of talented people in the state. This move, the spokesman said is also aimed at cultural aggression as the programmes will be made by outsiders on the basis of the concepts and ideas by all others but Kashmiris.
While asking the DD authorities to roll back the guidelines, the AMK has written to Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Governor and Chief Minister Jammu and Kashmir seeking their intervention to stop this arbitrary process which is aimed at pushing the local talent to wall and undermining the Kashmiri language.
“We have already sent our representations to the concerned and if need arises will meet the higher authorities to stop this anti Kashmiri language move” the spokesman said. (KNS)


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