Contribution of Mr Geelani to the Freedom Resistance of Kashmir

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By Fast Kashmir on 12/06/2017. 1 Comment

Contribution of Mr Geelani to the Freedom Resistance of Kashmir

By Javeed Ali

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Srinagar June 12: I remember once Mirwaiz Sahab called Syed Ali Shah Geelani a Hartali Leader. So far it has been proved beyond doubt. After serving as MLA for so many years under the Indian constitution came into the Hurriyat folds just to divide it into two parts i.e., Hurriyat ‘M’ and Hurriyat ‘G’. This is his main contribution to the freedom struggle of Kashmir. Moreover, he is still undecided whether he aspires independent Kashmir or merger with Pakistan.

His all kith and kins are well settled around the globe and recently made his son the patron of the School in Sopore against the wishes of local people as they had established it on their own. He wants the people to avoid sending their children to missionary schools despite the fact that his own wards are pursuing education in reputed missionary schools of the valley. 

I want to ask Geelani Sahab what he has achieved so far with his hartal calendars and things like that. Everyone will answer in negative. 
Now going through the press statement he gave to media regarding terror attacks in Iran. It was more glorification to terrorists than condemnation of the terrorist attack.  

He should focus more on Kashmir issue rather than trying to fiddle with the Middle East. It seems like petro-dollars has sailed in his pockets and he was forced to write statement against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Otherwise he never condemn killings that  occur in Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Burma, Palestine, Nigeria and so on. Recently 150 people were martyred in Kabul but he didn’t even utter a single word. He condemned Iran terror attacks but with the sole motive to defame the sublime image of Iran. 
Geelani Sahab, if not Iran then who will fight the terrorists created by America, Israel and their allies. Their main motive is to make Greater Israel and Iran is the main hurdle to them. To achieve their nefarious designs they are portraying Iran as it’s killing innocent people in Iraq and Syria using their paid agencies like White Helmets. Western media is carrying the same propaganda stuff which unfortunately is circulated by our media too without verifying its authenticity. This creates confusion among the masses like it has created in you. 
We don’t support Bashar-ul-Asad because he is the best but he is the best among the available options. The other options are America, Israel and the terrorists funded and supported by them. If we don’t support Bashar-ul-Assad then we have to support those who want to establish Greater Israel which we will never allow. 

It’s Iran which is supporting the oppressed people throughout the World. Imam Khomeini  (R.A.) is the founder of Quds Day which is commemorated to express solidarity with the Palestinians. Every year Iran organises Seminar on the freedom of Palestine. Tell me which Muslim country is fighting for the cause of Palestine. Moreover, why you didn’t condem the act of Saudi regime on the crimes they perpetrate in Yemen which in the poorest country in Arab. Why didn’t you condemn when the same regime conferred accolades to Donald Trump in the holy land of Hijaz.

Recently the Syrian boy Omran resurfaced with a joyous mood as he is in the safety of Syrian regime now. Last year same boy  was falsely projected by White Helmets as being injured in Syrian air strike which was a complete lie. These are the lies which are propagated by the enemies of Islam to divide Muslim Ummah. We need to ponder over it deeply.
I hope next time before giving any press statement, you will do proper homework.


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