Er Rashid should not act as the Adolf Hitler

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Er Rashid should not act as the Adolf Hitler

​By :Syed Karar Hashmi 
Srinagar, June 21: The mandate of people have to be regarded and have to get the things done for them. The Independent Legislature and party supremo Er  Rashid have like other political parties closed the space for others to enter. It seems that political parties in India are just like the big industry aimed  to accumulate lucrative business out of it.   In Awami  Ittihad only few faces are seen and people of other districts and far flung areas have no space in it .  The representation of every  community must be in the core committed of the party but it is lacked here and till yet failed to redress the basic problems of the people living in others constituencies unlike langate.

People of Kashmir wants to overcome the cycle of violence, a permanent solution to the Kashmir problem,  development,  peace and basic facilities of life. The slogan of Er Rashid “Plebiscite ”  is not enough for which people have given you a mass mandate.  The peace and other issues have to be look into. The issues you are raised in media have a prime importance but social problems have to be redressed and ameliorated. Let you sir raise political issues louder but other  workers must be put in place to redress the basic problems of the people in every nook and corner of the state.
 The young generation have an ample expectations from you but seems that your Slogan and Adolf Hitlers are one and the same “One Party…. One Leader… One Nation”. Either be the representative of Kashmiris and understand the problems of every community or be better to take your stand clean for a particular. Er Rashid or other individual are not the mission but it is ultimately people who have sacrificed and supported and are the real spirit of mission.
Social Activist from Central Kashmir district Ganderbal,Studying at Jamia Al Mustfa International University Qom Iran.


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