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Indian News Channels look like fish market: Geelani

SRINAGAR, JUNE 30:   Strongly denouncing Indian electronic media for its biased reporting, negative campaign and carrying malicious & misleading propaganda against Kashmiri people, Syed Ali Geelani said that these sleuths with stale ideology and fascist mindset are representing fanatical forces, thus creating a state of intolerance.

While referring to Indian media channels “Republic TV”, “Times Now”, “The News”, “AJ Tak,”, “India Today” and “India TV”, Syed Ali Geelani said that these channels look like fish markets.

“Polite & sensible people consider their telecast and lineups as agonizing and annoying and never like to watch these channels for their insane reporting”, said Geelani.

Geelani said we don’t have any hostility with Indian people or any animosity with their faith, however we expect that on humanitarian grounds people in India would like to support our cause and right to self-determination.

They are not following any ethics, said Geelani while referring to Indian media and added that they have crossed all limits.

Referring to false propaganda televised on these channels, Geelani said that they are following the Gobles doctrine and added that to defame and disgrace freedom movement, these media centers are telecasting concocted and fake stories.

Anchors affiliated with these channels are slur for media fraternity, said Geelani and added that these anchors are not professionals instead are working as mouth piece for Home Ministry.

Terming it media terror, Geelani said and added that these anchors are not doing any justice with their profession.  India is emerging as a fascist country, said Geelani and its biased media is playing a main role for its distorted projection, said Geelani.

Geelani while referring to these channels, said they have evolved a euphoria of intolerance and while ridiculing their functioning, Geelani said that they are running a comedian show and instead of providing any space for polite    discussions, are choking and strangulating the genuine voices. They all of a sudden switch of mikes and thus never allow the realities to come fore, added Geelani.

Appealing to peace loving people and rational societies, Geelani urged that instead of relying on these channels and their venomous propaganda, they should try to understand the Kashmir issue in its right context and help resolve this issue to make an end to human tragedies.

“People in state are simple by nature and yearning for peace, said he and added that we have no ill intentions against anyone, however urging India to fulfill its commitment with the people of state”, he said.

Instead of trusting in the poisonous propaganda being played by TV channels, try to understand the Kashmir issue, asked Geelani while appealing intellectuals and sensible people in India.

India is a country claiming to be the “great republic” of the world and in this context, if people here demand to recognize their democratic right, they are not   doing any wrong.

It is quite heartening, and very unfortunate to label us as terrorists or use derogatory remarks. It is not a good precedence and such behavior will bring bad name for people of India too, said Geelani.

People in Jammu and Kashmir are true to their commitment and it is not a crime to pursue right to self-determination added Geelani.(PTK)


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