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By Fast Kashmir on 03/06/2017. 4 Comments

New Delhi, June 3: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday blatantly called out the ‘bad governance’ of Pakistan, and held it incapable of governing its occupied parts such as Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh.
Rajnath’s satirical statement came in response to Pakistan funding ‘few forces’ in the Valley in order to mislead the youth and create an upheaval in the state.
The Home Minister categorically ruled out any possibility of Pakistan achieving success in its attempt of causing disruption in Jammu and Kashmir.
“There are some forces, which are trying to stray the youth of Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan. The Pakistan which could not control its eastern part, which is now Bangladesh, which could not govern Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, what will that Pakistan be able to do? I am unable to understand what are they (some forces) trying to achieve by taking shelter from this Pakistan? Whatever they are doing is an act of betrayal with the people of Kashmir,” Rajnath said while addressing the media on the completion of three years of the Narendra Modi-led central government.
The Home Minister assured that a solution for the Kashmir unrest will be chalked out at any cost, while adding that all the impediments coming in between the better future of Kashmir will be removed.
“We will find a permanent solution to Kashmir. It might take some time because the problem which has been prevailing since 1947, the solution to it cannot be taken out with just a snap. We will remove all the impediments for a better future of Kashmir. The nature which has given talent in the hands of the people of Kashmir will be used for the development of the Valley and country. Nature has not given those hands to pelt stones,” he said.
Rajnath reiterated the Government’s stand of Pakistan being behind those forces which are trying to bring disturbance in the Valley.
“We have always maintained that Pakistan is sheltering those forces which are trying to destabilise Kashmir. This won’t go for long,” he said.
“Pakistan already stands exposed internationally. If needed, we will again expose it,” he added.
Rajnath also hinted towards the process of dialogue, saying the Government will talk to anybody who wants to initiate talks.
“The situation in Kashmir has seen a lot of improvement and we can assure that the government will get the situation under control. Despite having a large Muslim population, ISIS has been unable to establish a hold in India,” Singh said when addressing the media in New Delhi.
Further lauding the Centre’s governance, Singh further stated that under the Modi government, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir situation has improved a lot as 368 terrorists have been neutralized since 2014.
“After the surgical strikes by the Indian Army in September last year infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir has come down 45 percent. I assure that we will bring an end to Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and establish peace and tranquility in the state,” Rajnath added. (ANI)


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