Jammu and Kashmir State and My people are my first Priority : Rasik Bhat

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By Fast Kashmir on 29/06/2017. 2 Comments

Jammu and Kashmir State and My people are my first Priority : Rasik Bhat


Delhi, June 29 : National Conference Students Union General Secretary J&K Rasik Bhat Said ,  Due to Some Controversies and Disturbances which are going in Kashmir is leading towards the 1990’s and main part is Youth is Getting involved , 

At this time Our So Called Hurriyat Leaders and Political Leaders Should go for the Specific Discussion to Save their mother land From killing and bloodshed ,When I look for the different States in India ,Everywhere is Peace and Prosperity, its because of Stand on their States Benefits and Upliftment ,

Last Week I was in Discussion with Some Delegation from “Germany” Regarding the Youth Empowerment in Different Sectors i.e Electronics Field , Computer Science Field , Management Field , they need the manpower from India to work in their Country but the main thing is the Negative Approach Which Indian Media and National So called Politicians have Set Up in their mind . 

I briefed them the situation which is going from past 1990’s and What Kashmir’s are looking for , they also accepted it . But I request my Young Emerging Buddies and Young leaders please go the positive Prospects of Kashmir and for Coming Generation as well . So We can lead our Movement with Smooth and Safe way . I don’t Understand Why We are killing our own people on the name of “Azaadi”. We are Responsible for everything in J&K State .Rasik Bhat , Said 
I am Out of State from last 3 Years to Pursue my Higher Studies , that has been Completed now , I Work with Some top Organizations as Financial Analyst , Client Support Management , But my Main Focus is on my Mother land ” Kashmir” . I am Coming to Serve my Brothers , Sisters , Associates , with Zeal and Courage and Come up with Proper Establishment Education Sector , Youth Empowerment Stage . I know the Situation in Kashmir is not Good to move in Every Corner without  Proper Security Arrangement , But I will Talk to Honorable DGP to Cooperate So , I can Reach to everyone and Go for the proper Counselling to the Universities and Colleges . Rasik Bhat Said , 


Rasik Bhat 
General Secretary 
Students Union


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