JeI demands release of political prisoners before Eid-ul-Fitar

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By Fast Kashmir on 14/06/2017. 75 Comments

JeI demands release of political prisoners before Eid-ul-Fitar

Srinagar, June 14: Jamaat Islami while expressing its solidarity with all those detained for their commitment to the just cause of Kashmir, demanded their unconditional release during the running month of Ramadhan before Eid-ul-Fitr.

They have been deprived of their personal freedom for espousing and supporting the genuine cause of the Kashmiri people and are not involved in any criminal or illegal activities as is baselessly alleged by the Indian government. They are giving supreme sacrifice of their precious right to enjoy their lives freely willingly and as such shall always be remembered with great regards as the real heroes of Kashmir. They suffer for the ultimate interests of the nation giving up all their worldly gains and enjoyment. In this public movement, the women folk too have given supreme sacrifices and suffered a lot. But these so called champions of the rights and empowerment of women have left no stone unturned in violating all the feminine rights in Kashmir including their dignity and personal freedom.

Dukhtaran Millat chief Asia Andrabi and her party Secretary General Sofi Fahmeeda have been detained under the draconian law of Public Safety Act and lodged in Amphala Jail Jammu in this extreme hot season which is a part of the retributive policy of the Indian establishment designed to crush the just  peaceful public movement. There are dozens of prisoners who have been awarded with the life imprisonment for espousing the genuine cause and even after spending fifteen to twenty years  and even more in some cases are still languishing in the jails though ordinarily such convicts are released only after spending ten to fourteen years in the jails.  This discriminatory attitude describes the vicious plans of the government towards the hapless people here.

Jamaat Islami while expressing deep concern over the plight of the political detainees and prisoners, impresses upon the international human rights bodies to intervene and save these prisoners of conscience from the atrocious attitude of the Indian establishment. (CNS)


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