Kashmir society international along its Angeles cultural Academy organized Grand Naatiya function at Raj Bagh

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Kashmir society international along its Angeles cultural Academy organized Grand Naatiya function at Raj Bagh

Renzushah said that Kashmir to Kashgar is name of proud Civilization

Along with Kashmiri ,Pahari, Gujri ,& Punjabi should be made compulsory to ensure unity


Srinagar 21st June

Kashmir society along its cultural wing Angeles Cultural Academy organized grand Naatiya function at Raj Bagh in which along with distinguished ulmaas and scholars large number of youth participated. The chairman of Kashmir society international Khawaja Farooq Renzushah in his presidential lecture said that it is matter of real appreciation that now large number of Kashmir youth are taking real interest in spiritual purity particularly in holy month of Ramzan .He said that in tapper Pattan participation of 5 thousand devotees in Tasawuf conference is indication of fact that past glory of Kashmir is returning back when Hazrat Bulbulshah RA with his message of love not only brought great king of Kashmir Hazrat Sader ud din Rinchenshah Ra in his fold of love but Shined Kashmir with spritual Noor of Ishiq and Love that is why since last 700 years “AAZ CHAIE PRAZLAAN CHOPAIR KASHEER  BULBULSHAH CHU PADSHAH” is echoing in this valley of love which was taken to heights by Hazrat Amir Kabir RA. He said that time has come to make new generation aware about our proud Civilization which was from Kashmir to Kashgar. He lamented that name of Kashgar has been changed and being named as xinjing which is direct assault on our past civilization. He expressed gratitude that his suggestion in Kashmir to revive our spiritual name of Share khaas was allowed not only allowed but now original  Srinagar is called as Shar e khaas officially through out country .He said that it was Kashmir society international which took up matter of making Kashmiri as compulsory language upto Matric along Pahari, Gujri and Punjabi languages but discriminating other languages requires immediate amendment by administration as our Tasawuf material is mostly available in these languages .

Renzushah appreciated Tariq shera chairman of Academy for his distinguished contribution.

On this occasion renowned Nawat khan of Sub continent jenab Aafaq chasti president of Khawaja Garib Nawaz trust was present as judge of the holy Nawat competition .Jenab Manzoor Damdar distinguished Sufi poet of Srinagar , jenab Javid Tota of ISHIQ E HAZRATBAL MAJLIS, jenab Manzoor Ahmed Gilkar, Shahbaz Ali Mohammad Rather ,Ashiq Nazir ,AIjaz Ahmad Ganaie of Sufi organization.

Bazam e Moorifat wing of Kashmir society international Dangerpora, Jenab Sajid yousuf youth icon, Jenab Syed Shahzaad of law college , Jenab Kaisar Ahmad Ganie Youth Spokesperson  of Kashmir Society International, jenab Aasif plaiser Dastageeri , Jenab Javid Malik of digital Kashmir society Abida chairperson of Tang su doo , sheikh Arbaaz junaid jamsheed of Kashmir ,junaid Bashir digital expert of Kashmir society ,the General Secretary of Human rights Organization Miss.

Manjot Singh Kohli from Udhampur ,Shakir from Al Aminia institute and other personalities were present on this prestigious occasion .The Anchor of programme Ridhwan Ahmad presented the programme which started from early in the morning and continued till ifftaar.


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