LeT lauds militants for Tuesday’s attacks: Spokesman

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By Fast Kashmir on 15/06/2017. 1 Comment

LeT lauds militants for Tuesday’s attacks: Spokesman
‘Kashmiris must pray for the freedom’

Srinagar, Jun 14: Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Wednesday said that it “appreciates” the militants for carrying out the attacks on the “intruding Indian forces” in a single day, “as revenge” for breaking into the houses of martyred and abusing their family members.
LeT spokesman Dr Abdullah Ghazawai in an emailed statement to KNS while quoting its Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Mahmood Shah warned army and police to abstain from hurting the families of martyred and of the freedom fighters in any regard whatsoever. “Mahmood Shah has announced a prize for these attacks on Indian army and that these attacks shall be continued until Kashmiris pave their way through freedom from illegal Indian occupation,” the spokesman said.
“Bipin Rawat is of the right opinion that Kashmir resembles paradise but I must tell him that Indian bandits deserve no place in such paradise therefore he must evacuate the Indian Army on his earliest. The blood of over 5 lakh Martyrs is on the hands of Indian Army and it won’t go unpunished. The honorable nations never forget and leave behind the blood of their Martyrs unpaid,” the spokesman quoting Shah said.
“The Indian mainstream Media is trying its very best to render the atrocities and war crimes committed by Indian Army as baseless by sponsoring biased propaganda. The barbaric acts of Indian aggression are well exposed to the world to see. India will be quitting Kashmir soon.”
“Kashmiris including freedom fighters must pray Nawafil of Gratitude before Allah SWT for the success. The 17th of Ramadan promised glad tidings for Muslim Ummah in the battlefield of Badr, and so it did for Kashmir. To win such blessings require faith and obedience to Allah SWT. Stand before Him in the nights, ask for His forgiveness, for the Divine Help is merely from Allah SWT.” (KNS)


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