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By Fast Kashmir on 15/06/2017. 1 Comment

Srinagar, June 15: Addressing a huge religious gathering at Masjid-Sharief, Rathpora, Waniyar, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that the holy month of fasting is full of Allah’s blessings and mercy, and one of the greatest blessing that was bestowed upon mankind by Allah was the revelation of The Holy Quran in this month. Mirwaiz said in this month of ease and abundance for Muslims we should invest most of our time in reading and recitation of the Quran. While reciting the Quran has its own blessings, but our focus should be on understanding the meaning of Quran and its message for us.

Mirwaiz said  that today there are many Tafseer and translations of the Quran available in all languages of the world and we can have  easy access to them through the internet. But reading the Tafseer and translation in one’s own mother tongue is most fulfilling as it touches the heart directly and more effectively and has the desired effect of transforming a person towards his and her betterment. He said people of Kashmir are fortunate that we have a classic and comprehensive Tafseer and  Translation provided by Moulana Mirwaiz Muhammad Yousuf Shah(RA), who  put his blood and sweat  to ensure a classic translation of holy Quran in Kashmiri language, which is our mother tongue. This vernacular translation  has made understanding the meaning of Quranic verses easy and simple . Mirwaiz said we should try more and more to read the translation in our mother tongue and also encourage our children to do so . 

 Mirwaiz said that understanding the meaning of Quran, will help believers to choose the right path and to live life according to the path shown in the holy book. This will help us both in this world and in our akhira.


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