Mirwaiz addressing friday congregation at the Historic Jama Masjid Srinagar

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By Fast Kashmir on 16/06/2017. 1 Comment

Srinagar, June 16: APHC Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq while addressing a large friday congregation at the Historic Jama Masjid Srinagar said that there is no alternative to efforts that have to be made to resolve the Kashmir dispute which is bleeding Kashmiris each day ,as we  witness death suffering and violence everywhere around us .He said another youth Nissar Ahmed of Ashtengo Bandipura has become a victim of Indian forces firing on protesting Kashmiris. While Mohammad Ashraf of Kharpora Arwani was made a target of Indian forces bullets during  the tormenting CASO being carried out in Arwani since morning in which dozens of people have also received bullet injuries.


Mirwaiz said how long will GOI refuse to accept that people of Kashmir are not paid agents of some so-called instigators who are protesting at their behest, but are a nation of people who consciously and with conviction are engaged and offering huge sacrifices in decades-long struggle to achieve their basic political right of self-determination  regarding their destiny, as is the right of every nation.Mirwaiz said it is strange that while The India state considered its struggle against the British  Rule as a freedom struggle and its leaders Gandhi Bose Nehru Bhagat Singh as leaders and freedom fighters, it considers our Freedom struggle as terrorism and our activists and freedom fighters as terrorists and subversives!And projects and promotes it as such in India and globally.


Mirwaiz said the current young generation of Kashmiris raised in the repressive and stifling environment of forcible control, are determined and making this demand in absolutely clear terms in every possible way and through all mediums available to them ,despite being mercilessly killed blinded maimed curbed banned gagged and despite facing all  forms of repression by the  state . The situation is so grim that the youth brave naked bullets of the Indian forces to save the lives of militants who are their heroes. young students including girls are hitting the streets but refusing to yield .


Mirwaiz said the the resulting violence as a consequence of unprecedented oppression and delay in resolution of the dispute is further increasing ,leading  to killing of those as well who represent state institutions.Mirwaiz said loss of every life is painful and unnecessary if only ground realities are accepted and a process of conflict resolution initiated without delay.


He said ransacking homes and properties of Kashmiris across the valley ,beating them, harassing and humiliating them will not gain anything except more hatred. He said continuing to detain leaders activists and youth in jails for years on end, illegally as a means of coercion and punishment is unethical and condemnable and said that all these political prisoners should be immediately released.

Expressing solidarity with the bereaved families of Nisar Ahmed  and Mohammad Ashraf he strongly protested and condemned their killing by the forces .

Later as per Joint Resistance Program Mirwaiz led a protest rally at Jamia Masjid.


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