Mirwaiz has paid rich tributes to Gulzar Ahmad Lone and Basit Ahmad

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Mirwaiz has paid rich tributes to Gulzar Ahmad Lone and Basit Ahmad

Srinagar, Jun 21: The Chairman of APHC Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has paid rich tributes to the two martyrs Gulzar Ahmad Lone and Basit Ahmad Mir who lost their lives during an encounter with government forces at Pazalpora area of Sopore on the morning of Wednesday 21st June 2017. Mirwaiz said these youth spilled their hot blood for the great and sacred cause of Kashmir and the entire nation of Kashmir is indebted to these martyrs for their ultimate sacrifice. He said it is the collective responsibility of the people of Kashmir and the leadership to take the ongoing movement to its ultimate realization.

Meanwhile addressing a religious congregation at Bazar Masjid Bohri Kadal in connection with the Ushra-e-Najat (the last ten days of Ramadan) the Mirwaiz while terming the Ramadan as a month full of blessings and gifts from Allah, said that the mandatory fasting during this month strengthens the bond between Allah and the Rozedar (the person on fast).

Mirwaiz said the Ramadan teaches the believers to control their worldly indulgences and greed. It teaches to do good deeds, help poor and needy while abstaining from doing harm to anyone. The main demand of Allah during this month from his obedient believers is to make worshiping him a practice to continue the whole year and make them understand that Taqwa during this month alone is not sufficient but should go on throughout the year and the life. 

The Mirwaiz while terming the increase in various social evils in our society as of deep concern, said that drug addiction, alcoholism and the habit of gambling is on increase especially among our youth. There is increase in the incidents of domestic violence against women and evil practices as well as bogus customs have engulfed our entire social structure which is affecting our lives, in particular of those with meager resources, adversely and making the day to day life difficult. 

Mirwaiz said that on the one hand lavish expenditures are made for marriage functions whereas on the other hand an increase in divorce rate has become a dangerous trend. 

Mirwaiz said the building of a healthy and evil free society is not possible unless we discharge our duty at personal as well as collective levels to eradicate these evils. He said it is the duty of Ulema, Aiema Masajid and the responsible citizens of the society to come forward and work towards the social reform in order to safeguard our present and future generations from social chaos and degradation.


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