Murder of Humanity in Kashmir

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Murder of Humanity in Kashmir

By : Syed Karar Hashmi

Srinagar, June 17: The bloodbath continues in the valley of Reshis and Sufi’s , makes anybody to understand that in troubled state of Jummu and Kashmir Humanity have taken a long holiday here , on contrary,  murder of humanity is now a reality on the roadshows.  Islam is universal in outlook and speaks for humanity as a whole. It has no chosen race or people, nor does it give preferences to anyone except in terms of virtue and uprightness of character.
Islam endeavors to set up cooperation and close knitted society in which people enjoy equal rights, and their duties are tied to each other by the bounds of love, respect, and cooperation.

The incidents happening in Kashmir needs global condemnation and keen attention for amelioration.  The doing of good and forbidding of evil is one of the most important principles of faith and ensures the healthy progress of a society. In the modern world, the media plays an important role in influencing the life structure of the society. Therefore, it is highly important to put the right people in its in-charge.

Where are so called Civil Society members,  Intellectuals,  religious organisations, Islamic Clerics, responsible Citizens,  Social Activists,  Human Rights Defenders and so on ? Do not you people can raise your voice high against the loss of precious human lives. Can not  you people preach the masses and take an initiative towards peace and development.

 Evey matter needs peaceful atmosphere and      holistic discussion to find a solution. Bullet,  Violence and terrorism will lead us towards annihilation . We are loosing our young generation to the gun.

We have lost 11 individuals, Kashmiris and humans from last 24 hours.  Encounters ,  Civil Killings,  Hartals,  stone pelting,  burning of Institutions, ambush,  and so on have become mouth piece of everybody living in the state of Jammu  and Kashmir.  It is true that Violence is met with the violence only but result of all this frenzy mess is that we are hastly moving towards the Civil war in the valley in which brother will kill his own brother without knowing the logic of execution such sinful act.

Whether a police man,  Army men or a Militant is killed in the Kashmir,  it is worth condemnable  and murder of the humanity. From last two days dozens of Mothers have lost their kiths and kins and it is she who knows the actual pain and anguish.  Mere condemnation , statements and bandh calls can not silent the gun culture,  violence and terrorism in the State of J&K. We have collectively find a peaceful way and get the things diplomatically done and executed.

The Indian leadership and Pakistan must come forward to find a peaceful way as per wishes of the Kashmiris in finding a lasting solution for the betterment of humanity in keeping view the present Scenario into consideration.

Social Activist From Central Kashmir district Ganderbal.
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