Opposition corners Govt on civilian killings, absence of dialogue

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Opposition corners Govt on civilian killings, absence of dialogue

‘We have to express unanimity to find solution to Kashmir issue’

Srinagar, Jun 17: Opposition political parties Saturday protested outside and inside the assembly against the government over the civilian killings and the prevailing uncertain situation.
Both National Conferences and Congress stood outside the assembly entrance and inside the assembly against the government.
The parties accused the government of failing to prevent civilian killings, controlling students protests and the continuation of use of pellet guns on protesters.
As soon as the assembly started to take up obituary references, Congress and NC legislators rose up from their Benches and shouted slogans against the government.
When the obituary proceedings began, NC leader Shafi Uri instead of speaking on obituaries started political speech and blamed the PDP-BJP coalition of bringing disorder in the state.
Uri said that the coalition has promised in their agenda dialogue with stake holders for resolution on Kashmir issue.
Uri alleged that from January to this month, scores of civilians were killed, schools and colleges were closed since March.
“It is regrettable and sad. Yesterday (Friday) 12 people including policemen were killed,” he said.
He said that the state has unleashed “terrorism” and created fearful atmosphere in the state which is condemnable.
On the statement of central BJP leader, Uri said that such statements clarify that the GoI does not want resolution of the Kashmir issue.
“Delhi is using the policy of oppression and force and the collation partner is following the same policy on Kashmir,” he said, adding that the situation in Kashmir is fragile on which New Delhi should paid attention.
“My request is that dialogue should be initiated without any delay and create an atmosphere for peace and resolution,” he said.
According to KNS correspondent, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam, M Y Tarigami said that Kashmir is being made a graveyard and the voices of dissent are being choked.
Tarigami said that political parties cutting across ideologies should get together to find a common ground. “This should be the agenda of all political parties,” he said.
“The Kashmir issue will not be resolved by guns, CRPF and force,” he said.
The CPI (M) leader said that the CM should lead the political parties and go to Prime Minister to request him for resolving the issue.
“We have to express unanimity on our resolve for efforts to find solution to the issue,” he said.
PDF chairman and MLA Khansahib, Hakeem Yaseen, said the all parties are responsible for creating mess in Kashmir.
“When CM was in Opposition she would Walk Out of the Assembly on civilian killings and such kind of situations. But we as Opposition will not Walk Out but will try to find solution to the issue,” Yaseen said.
He said that the Chief Minister has said that only PM can resolve the issue. “I would like to know what happened to the agenda of alliance which the PDP and BJP took months to make. Why don’t you take such steps that will pave for resolution of the issue even if CM has said that only PM can resolve the Kashmir issue,” he said.
Congress leader G M Saroori said the situation was deteriorating in Kashmir.
“You are adopting an Isreal type strategy by using of pellets on civilians. Is your self ruling saying it so? Why don’t you go to Anantnag and Kupwara to condole the civilian killings? You have no right to be on the CM’s chair because General Rawat, RSS is running the government,” he said.
MLA Langate Er Abdul Rashid said the House should pass a resolution and condemn awarding Major Gagoi for using a Budgam youth as human shield. He also demanded that plebiscite should be held in the state. 
Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh said the political party should rise above party politics. “Stop politics on killings. We also expressed condolences of civilians’ killings in Kashmir like the security forces who get killed.” (KNS


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